Atlanta ringing room window.Picnic in full glow. (Photographer: Dianne S P Cermak, Groton)
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Change Ringing? What's That?

Change Ringing is . . .
A team sport
A musical performance
An antique art &
A demanding pattern-based exercise
. . . All at once!

See change ringing in action and learn more...


Apr 17—More sad news. Ken Ballou, who rang in Boston for many years, has died. Beyond its being of natural causes a few days ago, other details are currently hard to More...

Apr 13—I once again must report the death of another longtime NAGCR member. William (Bill) Wakeland, from Muncie Indiana, passed away on February 20, 2021. More...

UPDATE: Online Obituary for Bill. link

Jul 13—For North American online practices information, click here. More...

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The New Ringer's Book
Harrison and Lewis
A spiral bound book written for the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Education Committee. An excellent resource for both student and teacher with many photos and diagrams.

157 pages

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Apr 21—1295 Cambridge Surprise Minor, Ringing Room

Apr 19—1280 Cambridge Surprise Major, Ringing Room

Apr 19—1260 Plain Bob Doubles, Washington

Apr 18—1259 Grandsire Caters, Washington

Apr 18—1312 Kent Treble Bob Major, Ringing Room

Apr 17—99 Tolling, Boston

Apr 17—1280 Spliced Surprise Major (23m), Ringing Room

The Clapper

Winter 2021

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Pulling off: Geoff, Danielle, Laura, Michael, Elizabeth
Pulling off: Geoff, Danielle, Laura, Michael, Elizabeth. (Photographer: Dianne S P Cermak, Groton)

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Spring Dinner Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA, Mar 2014 A Thomas Miller

AGM 2013 Hendersonville St. James Episcopal Church, Hendersonville, N.C. , Sep 2013 Joy Franklin

Sonando Cambios New York, Dec 2009 Nancy Garcia

Philadelphia Spring Dinner Philadelphia, Mar 2012 A Thomas Miller

New York City Area Meeting New York, Dec 2011 John Danaher

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