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Online GatheRing

Online GatheRing Saturday, July 24th, 2:00pm to 7:00pm EDT

Click here for details

This OGR will be different in a couple of ways:

We will only use Zoom for voice and video communications. We have used Discord at previous gatherings because it allows individuals the control to move among channels. We realized that Zoom now offers similar control among breakout rooms. Discord has been a barrier for some. We hope the Zoom only format will allow/encourage more people to participate.

There will not be any presentations this time. The gathering will focus on ringing (and surely plenty of socializing). It will be helpful if you can fill out the spreadsheet here with your name, times you are planning to attend and any ringing requests you may have. If you don't fill out the spreadsheet, please come anyway. I'm sure you will have a good time.

As in the past, we will close with Pub Time during the last hour.

If you are joining for the first time, click here for step-by-step instructions and technical assistance if you need it.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments.

We look forward to seeing (or hearing) everyone!

Best regards,

Tom Farthing

North American Guild of Change Ringers Public Relations Officer

Posted Jul 11, 2021 by Tom Farthing

40th+1 St Martin's Anniversary

Please see the calendar entry for our upcoming event in Philadelphia!

Posted May 28, 2021 by Bruce N Butler

The Fourth NAGCR Online GatheRing - May 22nd Hosted by Chicago and Quebec

Online GatheRing

Saturday, May 22nd, 2:00pm to 6:00pm EDT
Click here for details

For several years, Chicago and Quebec have hosted in-person ringing events in May. This year, they will combine forces to host the May Online GatheRing.

In addition to many ringing opportunities, the GatheRing will feature:

If you are joining for the first time, click here for step-by-step instructions and technical assistance if you need it.

Technical Support Session

We are also offering a Technical Support Session on May 15th at 2:00pm EDT for those who wish to learn how to use these technologies remotely via Zoom.
If you are overwhelmed or uncomfortable following the step-by-step instructions, or want to give it a try altogether, come and join the session. All attendees will get to practice and have their computer working as intended by the end.
On May 15th at 2:00pm EDT, you can click here to join the Technical Support Session Zoom meeting.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments.

We look forward to seeing (or hearing) everyone!

Best regards,
Tom Farthing
North American Guild of Change Ringers Public Relations Officer

Posted May 11, 2021 by Tom Farthing

Ken Ballou service postponed

[Sorry, for some reason the web site is not allowing me to post an update to the existing announcement, so I'm posting a new one.]

The service for Ken Ballou, which had been scheduled for Wednesday, has been postponed, at the behest of the medical examiner. I will update folks when I learn of a new date. Sorry about that.

Posted May 03, 2021 by Don Morrison

Update added May 13, 2021 by Don Morrison

Friday 5/21 3:00-3:30pm there will be a brief prayer service for Ken at the Bryant funeral home.

From 3:30-5:00 there will be public visitation.

John C Bryant Funeral Home

56 Pemberton Road

Wayland, Massachusetts

Ken Ballou

More sad news. Ken Ballou, who rang in Boston for many years, has died. Beyond its being of natural causes a few days ago, other details are currently hard to ascertain, but I will pass on more information when I learn it.

Ken hailed from Rhode Island, and learned to ring as an undergraduate at MIT. After earning his PhD in mathematics at Berkeley, Ken returned to Boston and worked for a variety of software companies.

Ken became a mainstay of Boston ringing during the 1980s and 1990s, particularly in hand. In all he rang 230 peals, two thirds of them in hand, 219 of them for the NAGCR, and conducted 25 of them. He was in the first ever peal of the standard eight spliced at the half-lead, rung by the Advent Sunday service band in 1988, and also the first such handbell peal, and his first peal of Glasgow was in hand, on the 5-6 pair, the first such peal rung for the NAGCR. Ken was particularly enamoured of Stedman, and called several peals of it.

In recent years Ken had dropped away from ringing, devoting much of his non-working time to directing chess tournaments.

Ken was a fun companion, and despite his nickname of “Useless,” which he cheerfully embraced, he was a jolly useful ringer.

Posted Apr 17, 2021 by Don Morrison

Update added Apr 29, 2021 by Don Morrison

As right now, plans for a service remain in flux, but are tentatively scheduled for Monday, 3 May at

John C Bryant Funeral Home

56 Pemberton Road

Wayland, Massachusetts

As plans evolve most up to date information should be available from

Magued Barsoum


+1 508-561-9046

Update added Apr 29, 2021 by Don Morrison

The funeral has now moved to Wednesday, 5 May, at 4:30.

Update added Apr 29, 2021 by Don Morrison

More sad news

I once again must report the death of another longtime NAGCR member. William (Bill) Wakeland, from Muncie Indiana, passed away on February 20, 2021.

Unfortunately, Bill lived in an area that had a lack of nearby ringing and he never was able to progress very far. He toured around the country learning the historically beautiful tradition of tower bell change ringing.

Posted Apr 13, 2021 by Bruce N Butler

Update added Apr 14, 2021 by Laura Dickerson

Online Obituary for Bill.

Alan Ellis

It is with much sadness that I share the news that Alan Ellis passed away early this morning, April 7, in a Vancouver hospital after a short illness. At this point there are no plans for a memorial service. Please keep Mae and their family in your prayers. Alan became a member of the Guild in 1979 and served as NAGCR President from 1993-1994. He was elected to Honorary Life Membership in 2007. He was one of our Central Council Representatives from 2014-2019. I am hoping that a more complete obituary will be in the upcoming Clapper.

Posted Apr 07, 2021 by Bruce N Butler

2020 Annual Report

Please see the 2020 Annual Report that can be found under Member Services in Guild Documents. Printed copies have been mailed. Thanks to the Officers for their prompt reports enabling it to be completed within the first quarter.

Posted Apr 01, 2021 by Bruce N Butler

Seven Towers Festival Online

Announcing 7 Towers Festival (Online) - 10 April, 1-7 PM CDT

Here is the link to the schedule and logistical information:

This online ringing afternoon not only includes ringing online, but also has entertainment for those who also enjoy non-ringing activities.

Note: to learn about the technology to be used during the event, click on the Technology tab-to use Discord or Ringing Room, it is recommended to preregister on these platforms . If you have any questions or concerns contact Allen Nunley in advance () or 713 504 2747.


Recent Developments in RingingRoom

Quilla Roth presents a this award winning application, which now sports a built-in simulator function (Wheatley), and built-in handbell controller support

History of the Seven Towers Festival

This is a panel discussion that will explore the origin story and history of the Seven Towers. This panel is composed of (in no particular order): David Graves, Porter Brownlee, Remica Gray and Meredith Morris. It will be moderated by Matthew Austin. You do not want to miss this, the alternate facts are already flying.

Pub Quiz

The pub quiz is a fun entertainment hosted by Bruce and Eileen Butler. Enjoy guessing the right answer.

Casual Visiting Encouraged

Take a breather from virtual ringing and join us on Zoom. Meet new folks, old friends. Use Discord to breakout (in the Pub channels) if you like.

Posted Mar 26, 2021 by Allen Nunley

Online GatheRing, March 20th

Online GatheRing, March 20th

Join us virtually at the

NAGCR Online GatheRing

Saturday, March 20th, 1:00pm to 6:00pm EST
Click here for details

In addition to many ringing opportunities, the GatheRing will feature

If you are joining for the first time, click here for step-by-step instructions and technical assistance if you need it.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments.

We look forward to seeing (or hearing) everyone!

Best regards,
Tom Farthing
North American Guild of Change Ringers Public Relations Officer

Posted Mar 10, 2021 by Tom Farthing

Roland Perschon

Roland Perschon passed away on February 26, 2021. A founding member of the guild, Roland was a kind, caring man with a wonderful sense of humor. In 1994, he purchased a ring of 8 Whitechapel tower bells as a gift for his hometown of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Those bells continue to await a host tower.

Roland's obituary can be viewed at:

Roland A. Perschon Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information (

Posted Mar 07, 2021 by Tom Farthing

Linda Woodford

I’m sorry to announce that Linda Woodford died peacefully, yesterday afternoon, 16 February, after a several month illness. Her sister, Bonnie, was with her at the end. Linda was a well known ringer in Kalamazoo, formerly Boston. There will be a memorial service in Kalamazoo, but not until it is practical for folks to gather safely again.

Donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, P.O. Box 3295, Kalamazoo, MI 49003.

Posted Feb 17, 2021 by Don Morrison

Death of Geoff Bagley

We've heard from David Bagley that his father, Geoff Bagley, died peacefully on January 30, 2021 at age 92. Various NAG old-timers, especially those in Washington, DC, may remember Geoff from the two years that he was posted to the DC Area for work in 1972/1973. He and his wife Lynda were valuable additions to the Cathedral band and also joined in (and often hosted) our weekly handbell sessions at the time. Geoff was a founding member of the North American Guild.

Posted Jan 31, 2021 by Quilla Roth

Ringing for Unity and Remembrance on January 19

The Biden inauguration team is asking churches all around the nation to ring their bells to commemorate the more than 343,000 US pandemic deaths due to Covid-19. The plans call for church bells to ring nationwide at 5:30 p.m. EST on January 19, "in a national moment of unity and remembrance".

I would like to bring this suggestion to you as a possibility to re-introduce tower bell ringing to your community. I know many of you are still under strict lockdown procedures and this may not be possible. But, perhaps you may be able to have one or more bells ring and still be within the guidelines.

Most of our bells have been silent for a long time. We need our steeplekeepers to check on the bells, fittings, ropes, etc. before we commence ringing of any kind. This would be a good opportunity to arrange a day for checking the bells and cleaning our towers and belfries.

Many of us will have to recruit new ringers or locate lapsed ringers once the lockdown and pandemic eases off, hopefully by the late Spring/early Summer. It is not too early to think about this for your tower and handbell groups and by ringing, even one bell on the 19th, you may be able to publicize and promote change ringing for your tower.

Although though this is a US initiative, we hope our Canadian towers can use this as a reminder to keep up on your bell installation maintenance.

Posted Jan 02, 2021 by Bruce N Butler

Online GatheRing

Join us on Saturday, January 16, 2021, between 2pm and 6pm EST for the second

NAGCR Online GatheRing (OGR)

As something new for a new year (and because the 16th coincides with the usual time of the Philadelphia ringers’ annual Quarter Peal Weekend), we’re trying to arrange a few quarter peal attempts! This month’s social activity will be hosted by the Philadelphia ringers (perhaps with a Philadelphia theme in honor of their annual weekend). AND, as at the first OGR in December, there’ll be plenty of ringing opportunities (at all levels) besides the quarter peal attempts.

The form HERE will help us gather information about:

To help us arrange the quarter peal bands and firm-up the ringing schedule, please fill out the form by January 8th. Even if you don’t get a chance to fill out the form by then, do plan to come ring with us.

If you would like any technical assistance with Zoom, Discord and/or Ringing Room, please send an email with your request to Tom Farthing at and we will be in touch.

Posted Jan 02, 2021 by Tom Farthing

Online GatheRing

Online GatheRing for ringing, chatting, maybe a talk or a game

Saturday, December 12th, 2:00pm to 6:00pm EST

Click here for details

At the AGM, several people expressed the desire to have more frequent guild-wide gatherings as a way to visit with old friends, meet new friends, ring together and advance ringing activity. Let's give it a try. We expect to have opportunities for introductory, intermediate and advanced ringing as well as social interaction.

The Guild Executive Committee is arranging this Online GatheRing. We hope to have more events like this on a regular basis, especially in the absence of in-person meetings. For subsequent events, we hope ringing areas will "host" the event by setting up a non-ringing activity or two.

Posted Nov 24, 2020 by Tom Farthing

2021 NAGCR Officers

2021 NAGCR Officers

There were no nominations received by the deadline other than those of the incumbents, therefore all of the current officers are re-elected for 2021. Additionally, there were no issues that requring a ballot this year.

Congratulations to the incumbents and a big thank you for their willingness to serve again as NAGCR Officers.

Posted Nov 08, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

Fall Clapper 2020

The Fall Clapper issue which includes the 2020 AGM minutes and report is now available on the website.

Posted Nov 08, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

George Pipe biography

Unfortunately, after several discussions with the Ringing World, we’ve learned that because of the pandemic, the cost of postage from the UK has risen substantially. This means that the cost of the George Pipe biography (Shake my hand and I'll show you the ropes) will not be significantly cheaper when bulk-ordered and then mailed on to individuals via USPS than when ordered individually.

The NAGCR Book Service cannot therefore offer special pricing for the book as was originally hoped. It will, however, still process orders for the book, which will be sent to you directly from the UK. The Book Service will sell the book for $39.00 (US) and $51.00 (CDN) to NAGCR members. Should the situation, change the price will be adjusted.

If you prefer to use PayPal for payment, you may order the book directly from the RW. Send an email to the RW Admin for then-current pricing info. The individual-copy price, including shipping to the US, as of this week is £30.50.

Posted Oct 17, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

2021 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

It is that time of the year again! The 2021 RW Diaries and Calendars are now available. Please support your NAGCR Book Service

Ringing World Diary 2021

To obtain a 2021 Ringing World Diary please send a check in US or CDN funds payable to

NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard: USD $12.00 or CDN $16.00

Standard with Pencil in spine – USD $13.00 or CDN $17.00

Leather – USD $18.50 or CDN $24.00



Quantity/Which kind?

Ringing World Calendar 2021

This year's calendar features photographs of towers from across England, Scotland and Wales.

To obtain a 2021 Ringing World Calendar please send a check for $13.00 in US or CDN $17.00 funds payable as listed above.


Total Amount Enclosed $

Posted Oct 14, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

Online Practice Information

For North American online practices information, click here.

You can use the information in the document to:

- find a practice that would be helpful to you

- find a practice where you could help

- find a practice where you could meet new and/or old friends

It you have more information for the document or you would like help starting an online practice, please fill out the form at:

Best regards,

Tom Farthing

NAG Public Relations Officer

Posted Jul 13, 2020 by Tom Farthing

2020 AGM Honolulu

It is with much sadness that I have to forward the following message I have just received from Richard Harris, Tower Captain, Honolulu. Although I was always dubious, given the current circumstances, I was hoping the situation would have eased allowing us to travel by October. As it is unlikely that large gatherings and meetings will be possible anywhere in North America, the Executive has decided that we are going to have theevent virtually. It was agreed to plan on having a video-chat AGM, hopefully with associated virtual ringing, speakers, and socializing. We will be investigating the best virtual platform to use. Please send me any thoughts/ideas/suggestions. I will forward more details as they arise, however, we plan to hold the meeting/event over the same weekend.

I want to thank the Honolulu ringers for all the work, effort and preparation that they have put into the event and hope that we will be able to hold an AGM there in the future.

Bruce Butler

Aloha from Hawaii.

We here have been planning a wonderful event in Honolulu this fall. However, due to the current situation in the State and Globally, we have been forced to cancel hosting the NAGCR 2020 Honolulu AGM. While we were trying hard to think of creative ways to proceed with the event, in the end the Bishop of Hawaii, and of our Cathedral, made the call the cancel any large gatherings of people for at least the remainder of the year. We, the Honolulu Ringers, are so sad to cancel, but I know we'll all be together again before too long. I look forward to ringing with you in Honolulu in the future.

Mahalo. Richard Harris

Posted May 31, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

Update added Sep 23, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

Please see the calendar entry for the registration form and schedule of events being planned.

Illinois Online Bell Bash

The University of Chicago ringers welcome you to join us on Saturday, May 16th for not the 8th Annual Illinois Tower Bell Bash, but rather the Illinois Online Bell Bash.

General Ringing 10:00am to 4:00pm central time

Tea time from 4:00pm to 4:45 central time

The following presentations are scheduled for the Bash:

We plan to use for ringing and Zoom for video conferencing. We plan to use breakout rooms within Zoom to create several concurrent bands. You can find more details, including the Zoom information here

All are welcome. Come for as long or as little as you can. While there should be opportunities for advanced ringing, this event has been and continues to be a student-oriented event. Thus, we hope everyone will look for opportunities to help less experienced ringers.

Posted May 07, 2020 by Tom Farthing

Central Council's Ringing YouTube Competition

The Central Council has launched a YouTube competition that will run from May until November. Details can be found here, where there is also a link to a YouTube video on how to make a YouTube ringing video!

You can find more details in the Ringing World of May 1. I encourage you to take part and it wold be great to have a North American team be a winner!

Posted May 01, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

2019 Annual Report

The 2019 NAGCR Annual Report is now available. It can be found under Guild Documents on the Home Page. Printed copies were mailed on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Posted Apr 23, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

Jeff Smith Memorial Young Ringer Award Deadline Change

With the interruption of ringing activities due to the coronavirus lockdown, the Jeff Smith Memorial Young Ringer Award deadline for both quarter peal/peal ringing and nominations has been moved to October 1st, 2020. For more details, see
Nomination forms can be found at:
Online edit:

Posted Apr 19, 2020 by Tom Farthing

Roger Savory Photos needed

Please will you look in your photo collections and see if you have photos of Roger? I have two photos right now, but I really need one that would be good for the cover of The Clapper. It would be lovely if there was at least one photo of him ringing. Surely, there is a photo out there somewhere. Any photos you have will be great to add to the obit that others are writing.

Thank you!

Posted Apr 09, 2020 by Diane M Amison-Loring

Belfry Maintenance Award from the Central Council

I am pleased to announce the following opportunity from the Central Council.

Cheers, Bruce

Westley Award 2020

Ringers are all dependent on the bells that they ring. Towers and

bells in good condition will usually make it easier for ringers to develop

their skills and, in particular, help retain new recruits.

So have you or one of your band become involved in belfry maintenance relatively recently?

If so, then the Westley Award for church bell maintenance is for you!

The Stewardship & Management Workgroup of the Central Council of Church

Bell Ringers is launching the 2020 award for people who are newly involved

in belfry maintenance, developing their own skills and those of others.

We hope that every society, branch or district will submit at least nomination!

The award will be made at the September 2020 CCCBR annual conference

to be held in Nottingham. The winner will receive £100 and a certificate.

Full details and an application form will be on the CCCBR website here:


The closing date for nominations is noon on 31st May 2020.

Alison Hodge

CCCBR Stewardship & Management Workgroup Lead

Posted Apr 05, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

Roger Savory

It is with great sadness that I let you know that Roger Savory died peacefully in his sleep on Friday, March 13. He was 90. Roger was an active and very accomplished tower and handbell ringer for many decades, both in North America and earlier in the UK, and he rang just over 800 peals and joined the NAGCR in 1974. He was elected as an Honorary Life Member in 2005. Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Posted Mar 20, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

NAGCR President's Message

Advice on how to deal with COVID-19 has been issued by the various states but the consensus is to enter a “state of self-isolation”. Many towers have already ceased ringing and the organizers of the upcoming Spring events in Philly, Kzoo and Little Rock have unfortunately had to cancel them.

We should, however, ensure that we maintain contact with our ringing friends, either locally or from afar and support whenever we can.

If you are going to suffer from “ringing withdrawal” there are many ringing apps you can access on your phone or computer as well as watch YouTube videos on various aspects of ringing. Our Facebook page, North American Ringers was set up many years ago, but has been dormant. So let's use it to keep ringers in touch with one another, especially now. To join go to:

or go to and search for North American Ringers.

Hopefully, all this will be over by the time we have our AGM in October. I recently got back from a trip to Hawaii where I met with the ringers and they are planning a wonderful event. So, by then we will all be ready for a welcome break and we should plan to spend it in a glorious part of the world that has bells!

I wish everyone good health and that you stay safe in these very difficult times.

Cheers, Bruce

Posted Mar 19, 2020 by Bruce N Butler


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus), and in the interest of health and safety, the Trinity Cathedral Ringing Society is cancelling the Seven Towers Festival and associated Module 2 and ringing course. Stay safe and healthy everyone!!

Posted Mar 17, 2020 by William Hronas

Kalamazoo Weekend Cancellation

Kalamazoo's spring ringing weekend is cancelled in compliance with Kalamazoo College's policy concerning novel coronavirus.

Posted Mar 14, 2020 by Robert T Kakuk

Young Ringer Award

The guild executive committee is pleased to invite nominations for the Jeff Smith Memorial Young Ringer Award between April 1st, 2020 and May 1st, 2020.

To qualify for the award, the ringer will satisfy the following requirements:

a) A current member of the North American Guild of Change Ringers

b) 22 years old or younger as of May 1st, 2020

c) At least one quarter peal or peal rung between May 1st, 2019 and May 1st, 2020

d) Nomination, which includes a statement from a local ringing master that the student has contributed to the health of the local ringing community

We hope the award will encourage more young people to try ringing and develop their skill, encourage local bands to nurture young ringers and generate publicity for change ringing.

For more details, see

Nomination forms can be found at:

Online edit:


Posted Feb 22, 2020 by Tom Farthing - Public Relations Officer

Seven Towers Festival

Registration is now open for the Seven Towers Festival, to be held April 17-19, 2020 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Please find the registration form on the Seven Towers Calendar posting. Hotel information will be posted shortly- so stay tuned!

If you need a registration form emailed to you- please email William Hronas- william.

Please also email William re Hotels if you need a room- he will get you set up.

Hotel Information and ART Module II Course-

We have had to switch hotels due to a conflict. Please email William to get the special rate of $89 per night, starting 4/14/2020. Also, we're pleased to announce that Bruce Butler has agreed to lead an ART Module II session on Wednesday, April 15. The cost of this session is $30.00. Please see the registration form on the NAGCR Calendar Section. Any questions regarding hotels and the Module II course please email William @ william.

Hotel Registration Link- Use this link to book for hotel room for the Seven Towers Festival.

Posted Jan 29, 2020 by William Hronas

Update added Jan 29, 2020 by William Hronas

Hotel Reservations link is now live- Link is attached to primary Seven Towers Announcement. If you need assistance with booking please message William. Thanks

Ballot Results

Congratulations to Ed Futcher as our newest Honorary Life Member. In addition, the proposal to change the nominations date has been approved.

Posted Jan 08, 2020 by Bruce N Butler

2020 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

2020 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

Ringing World Diary 2020

To obtain a 2020 Ringing World Diary please send a check in US or CDN funds payable to

NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard: USD $11.00 or CDN $15.00

Standard with Pencil in spine – USD $12.00 or CDN $16.00

Leather – USD $17.50 or CDN $23.25



Quantity/Which kind?

Ringing World Calendar 2020

This year's calendar features churches from around North Wales.

To obtain a 2020 Ringing World Calendar please send a check for $12.00 in US or CDN $16.00 funds payable as listed above.


Total Amount Enclosed $

You can email me your orders () and then forward a check.

Posted Oct 04, 2019 by Bruce N Butler

2020 Officers

In accordance with the by-laws, all current officers of the NAGCR have been re-elected as there were no other nominations received by the deadline. Additionally, Chris Haller is now our 4th Central Council representative as I received no other nominations for these positions. Chris succeeds Alan Ellis who I thank for all his years of service in this role.

Posted Oct 02, 2019 by Bruce N Butler