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Membership & Dues

There are three categories of paid membership:

  1. Resident Membership is open to all ringers who are resident in North America. New applications for this category shall be accompanied by a letter of sponsorship confirming that the applicant is a bona fide bell ringer, and, at the least, is a person who is learning to ring either Tower or Handbells. This letter must be signed by a Resident Member of the Guild whose membership is in good standing. In the interest of convenience, an e-mail from the sponsor is acceptable as long as the e-mail address is one which is on file with the NAGCR Membership Secretary as belonging to the sponsoring Resident Member of the Guild.  A handwritten and signed Fax is also acceptable, so long as the signature is legible.
  2. Associate Membership is open to any resident of North America who supports the purposes of the Guild. There is no ringing requirement. Interested persons should mail their annual dues direct to the Membership Secretary at the address below.
  3. Non-Resident Life Membership is available only to persons who are not normally resident in North America.

Resident & Associate membership includes a subscription to the Guild's newsletter; newsletter subscriptions are also available for Non-Resident Life members and for non members.

A separate classification of membership is available for full time students attending an accredited educational institution and seniors, which includes a newsletter subscription; and for additional members at the same address, which does not include a subscription.

Members may elect also to receive the newsletter via e-mail at reduced rates.

  Newsletter & Annual Report, printed edition   Newsletter & Annual Report, electronic edition
Annual Dues: US$ CDN$ US$ CDN$
Resident 30 37 20 25
Student (full time students) 16 20 6 7
Religious (Member of a religious community) 16 20 6 7
Senior (Age 65 or over) 20 25 10 12
Additional member (s) at same address) regardless of whether the Resident member receives printed or e-mailed newsletter  - dues for each such person are: 10 12 10 12
Non-Resident Life Membership: (no newsletter) 5 5    

Newsletter Subscriptions

The NAGCR newsletter, The Clapper, is included in all membership categories except the special rate for additional members at the same address and Non-Resident Life members.

Annual subscriptions to The Clapper are available at the following rates:

Newsletter subscription only, electronic version. US$25, CDN$30 or £16
Newsletter subscription only, mailed version US$30 or CDN$37, in US or CA. US$40, CDN$50, or £25, outside of US or CA.

An application form for membership is included in every edition of The Clapper, the NAGCR Newsletter. Dues, and all enquiries about membership, should be sent to the Secretary:

Mary Platt
512 Lakewood Ct
Canton, GA 30114  

Payment may be made in pounds sterling, mailed directly to:

Maggie Willans
Northside, The Cloisters
Perrymead, Bath  BA2 5AY

For a printable membership application, please see under Guild Documents.