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Seven Towers Festival Online

Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

April 10, 2021

Announcing 7 Towers Festival (Online)!

Here is the link to the schedule and logistical information:

The date is 10 April and the Event runs from 1-7 CDT.

This online ringing afternoon not only includes ringing online, but also has entertainment for those who also enjoy non-ringing activities.

Note: to learn about the technology to be used during the event, click on the Technology tab-to use Discord or Ringing Room, it is recommended to preregister on these platforms . If you have any questions or concerns contact Allen Nunley in advance (allennunley@...) or 713 504 2747.


Recent Developments in RingingRoom

Quilla Roth presents a this award winning application, which now sports a built-in simulator function (Wheatley), and built-in handbell controller support

History of the Seven Towers Festival

This is a panel discussion that will explore the origin story and history of the Seven Towers. This panel is composed of (in no particular order): David Graves, Porter Brownlee, Remica Gray and Meredith Morris. It will be moderated by Matthew Austin. You do not want to miss this, the alternate facts are already flying.

Pub Quiz

The pub quiz is a fun entertainment hosted by Bruce and Eileen Butler. Enjoy guessing the right answer.

Special Guest

Alan Regin

Casual Visiting Encouraged

Take a breather from virtual ringing and join us on Zoom. Meet new folks, old friends. Use Discord to breakout (in the Pub channels) if you like.

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Contact: Allen Nunley