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Lost Rings of North America

Baltimore, Maryland, Christ Church
6 Bells: 12-0-0, Mears 1803

Bells were removed and hid from the British during the War of 1812. Three bells were lost and never recovered. (The Clapper, Spring 2001)

Dorchester, South Carolina, St George's Church
4 Bells: Rudhalls 1751 & 1753

Second ring installed in North America. Town laid waste by the British during the American Revolution. The bells survived and were later hung in The New Church (present Cathedral in Charleston). Bells were later cast into one large bell which was destroyed or melted down during the Civil War.

New Westminster, British Columbia, Holy Trinity Cathedral
8 Bells: 24-0-18, Mears 1861

Destroyed by fire 1898, one bell survives.

Montreal, Quebec, St. Patrick's Cathedral
10 Bells: 20-0-26, Mears & Stainbank 1910

Currently rung by electronic hammers.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Christ Church
8 Bells: 18-0-24, Lester & Pack 1754

Second oldest ring of 8 in North America. Number 5 recast in 1950's by Paccard and 3 more bells added to the tower and control given to a carillon type of apparatus.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, St. Peter's Church
8 Bells: 15-1-25, Mears 1842

Currently rung at an Ellacombe chime stand.

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Waccabuc, New York, The Waccabuc Mini-Ring a.k.a. The Coleridge Campanile
8 Bells: 0-0-10, Higby/Bowditch 1997

The first mini-ring in North America. The bells were originally installed in the home of Anne Carpenter Crownthorne, Berkshire UK and moved to the home of Peter Bevis and Helen McGregor in December, 1999. The mini-ring was subsequently returned to the original owner in December 2000.

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