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Vol. 25 No. 1 [i.e., Vol. 25, No. 2], Spring 1998

In this issue:
  • Officers' Columns
  • Report from Overseas Liason
  • Remembering John G. "Jack" Fanfani
  • The Bells of Trivitte Memorial Church: A Lost Ring Found
  • St. Mark's Church Votes to Restore Bells
  • Laetare, Jerusalem
  • Spring Dinner in Philadelphia Report
  • A Vancouver Peal of Plain Bob Triples
  • Observations of a First-Timer at a Quarter Peal Weekend
  • Marietta Surprise Major Weekend
  • Three Towers Festival Report
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals
  • Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting
  • Guild Book Service Offerings
  • Clapper Submission Guidelines


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