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Vol 20. No. 2, Spring 1993

In this issue:

  • St Michael's, Charleston, Bells Cross the Sea
  • Letters
  • Membership Information
  • Announcement of AGM in Calgary
  • Raleigh Peal Dedicates Augmented Eight
  • Book Review: "Change Ringing: The History of an English Art"
  • Report of Quarter Peal Weekend n Philadelphia
  • "Philadelphia Spring Dinner: The Great American Alternative to Punting
  • "Number Crunching at the National Cathedral"
  • "Meredith Morris Elected Pope? or, Awkansawyers Ring in the Presidential Inauguration of a "Man from Hope"
  • "Saturday Dawned Bright and Sunny"
  • Area Reports
  • Book Service Offerings
  • Peals & QPs
  • Contribution Guidelines


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