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Spring 2021
In this issue:


Officers' Reports

Area Reports

Quarter Peals

My Road to 100 Peals

Celebrating 30 years of change-ringing at
St. Andrews Cathedral in Honolulu!

Ascension Church’s Ringing Room Tapestry

Ringing Podcasts

Report of the 2021 Seven Towers Festival

The Clapper is the journal of the North American Guild of 
Change Ringers. It is published quarterly and distributed to all members. The cut-off dates for submissions are January 8, April 8, July 8 and October 8. 
The Newsletter Editor will hold space for a specific article if given reasonable notice. Items for publication should be sent to the Editor at .

The Clapper archives


Officers' Reports

Area Reports

Quarter Peals

Ringing Cartoons

Butlers' Virtual Tour Reunion

Photos from Days Gone By

2020 AGM minutes

AGM report - virtual meeting

Central Council AGM Report

Roll of Honor

Jeff Smith Memorial Young Ringer Award

Officers' Interims and other reports

The Bells That Never Were

Area Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

Ringing Cartoons

2020 AGM

Lost Rings Around North America

Return to Ringing

Susan Fera Assman - Obituary

Officers' Reports

Area Reports

Exec Committee Proposal

Roger Savory Obituary

Introducing the Ringing Room

Philadelphia Quarter Peal Weekend

Why should i get an ART Teaching Accrediation?

Lost Rings of North America - Frederickton, NB

Officers' Reports

Peal and Quarter Peal Reports

Area Reports

Officers' Reports

Peal and Quarter Peal Reports

Area Reports

Why You Should Visit Honolulu in October

Spring Dinner Registration Form - Philadelphia

Towers' Festival - Little Rock

Tower Bash - Chicago

2019 AGM Report

Minutes of the Boston AGM

Bob Mead's Obituary

The Butlers' East Anglia Tour

Officers' Interim Reports

Area Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

Philly Quarter Peal Weekend Registration

Honorary Life Citation- Ed Futcher

This issue includes:

AGM Information - Boston

Event Reports

7 Towers Festival - Shreveport

BBBQ Bash - Philadelphia

University of Chicago - Art and Science Exposition

Obituaries - TJ Smith and Ron Draus

Officers' Reports

Peal and Quarter Peal Reports

Area Reports

Boston AGM preliminary information

Steeplekeeper's Dilemma follow-up

Quarter Peal Wekend in Philly

Vernal Equinox aka Spring Dinner

Rochester Open Day

Officers' Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

Area Reports

Steeplekeeper's Diary

Butler OHEK Tour Report

Officers Reports

Area Reports

Registration information for Spring Dinner Weekend in Philadelphia, 7 Towers Festival in Shreveport and Bell Tower Bash in Illinois

Peals, Quarter Peals

Highlights in this issue include:

The NAGCR AGM in Hendersonville

Minutes of the AGM

Proposal for Honorary Life Membership for Derek Wilsden

Fifty Years of Ringing at Smith College

Trinity Shield Striking Competition Report

Interim Reports from the Officers

Area Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

*Central Council Lancashire Meeting Report

*Ringing Excursion to Cape Cod

*Lillian Rorie - Obituary

*The Butlers' "NW2" Tour

* Hendersonville AGM details and registration link

*Bells' Birthday Bash Report

And - Officer Reports, Peal and Quarter Peal Reports and Area Reports

This issue includes reports on the Annual Quarter Peal Weekend in Philadelphia, Association of Ringing Teachers Module 1 workshop in Washington, DC., Stedman workshop in Marietta, Area Meeting in Boston and Groton.

Peals and Quarter Peals, Area reports and Officers' reports.

Officer Reports

Area Reports

Registration information for Spring Dinner Weekend in Philadelphia, 7 Towers Festival in Texarkana

Peals, Quarter Peals

Highlights of the AGM in Toronto.

Minutes of the 2017 NAGCR's AGM

Executive Committee Actions

Reports of the Officers

Bell Festival in Moscow, Russia

Area Reports

Ringing World Diary and Calendar order form

Tom Miller Obituary

Kent School's Trip to England

On Chiming

Using Abel

NCS Whitechapel Guild Anniversary

Event Reports

Officer Reports

Area Reports

Ground Breaking at Nashotah House

Quarter Peal Analysis for 2016

Results of the Ballot

Changes to Electronic Reporting of Peals and Quarter Peals

Registration information on upcoming events at Philadelphia, Little Rock, Chicago and New Castle

Officer Reports, Area Reports and much more

Highlights of the AGM in Victoria.

Minutes of the 2016 NAGCR's AGM

Executive Committee Actions

Interim Reports of the Officers

Pittsburgh Ringing Course

New Handbell Group - Winter Haven, FL

New American Bellfoundry

Area Reports

Ringing World Diary and Calendar order form

Julie Hall obituary

Central Council Report

Double Adventures

Area Reports

Officers' Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

Bob Coughlin Obituary

Victoria AGM Invitation and Registration Information

St Simon's Doubles, Part 3

Event Reports

Area Reports

Officers' Reports

Rochester's Dedication of the Bells

Memories of Beryl Nelson

First Peal Stories and First Peal Accounting - 2015

Slow Course Doubles Methods

Twenty-three Spliced Major Peal History

And much more including Area Reports, Officer's Reports

Virginia Theological Seminary

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting in Shreveport

Report and Photos from Shreveport

Interim Reports of Officers

NAGCR's First Pealers

Area Reports

and so much more

Shreveport AGM registration information

Central Council Report

Ringing Weekend Reports including - Seven Towers' Festival, Quebec's Annual Weekend and Philly's BBQ Bash

Officers' Nominations Announcement

St Simon's Bob Doubles

Area Reports

Officers' Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

Area Reports

Officers' Reports

Peals and Quarter Peals

Tower Etiquette

Ring a New Method

Paul Windels English Trip

Event Reports from Philadelphia

First Peals

The first Clapper of 2015 has an abundance of Area Reports. Reading these reports will give everyone an overview of what is happening around North America with respect to ringing.

Area Reports

Place Notation #5

Officers' Reports

Butlers' Roadshow Tour #2

Peals and Quarter Peals

Vernal Equinox Registration Form

Obituary - Kathryn Elaine Tucker

Carroll Lentz

Minutes and Report of the 2014 AGM in Washington

Part 4 Place Notations

2014 Ringing Road Show

Pittsburgh Course and ITTS Course

Peals and Quarter Peals

Area Reports


2015 Calendar

. . . and much more

In this Issue:

Obituary - Lynn Jackson

250 Peals at The Advent

Washington National Cathedral 50th Anniversary

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Officer Nominations

Officer Reports

. . . and much more

Obituaries: Thomas Arkell

Captain E. G. (Jeff) White

Officers' Reports

More on Place Notations

Ring Around Charleston

Vernal Equinox Weekend

Peals and Quarters

many Area Reports

. . . and much more

Obituaries: Barbara Knight

Marion Ainsworth

Eddie Martin

Officers' Reports

Place Notations - more explained

Out and About in the UK

Peals and Quarters

and much more

The Paul Engsberg Room - Dedication
Obituaries: Ron Warford
Dick Waterman
Report on the 2013 Central Council meeting
If its Memorial Day, It Must be Quebec

and much much more

Obituary - S. Harrison "Harry" Carter Jr.

How to Organize and Ringing Course

Out and About in the UK

7 Towers Festival

Peals and Quarter Peals

Executive Reports

and much more

Pewaukee Tower News

Obituary - Erret Van Hook

The Butler Tour of Buckinghamshire

Communication in the Ringing Room

Clapper Bushings - what every Steeple Keeper should know


Quarter Peals

40th Anniversary AGM at Smith College

Obituary - Mark Rizzo

Peals and Quarters

Tower Reports

Executive Committee Interim Reports

Tribute for Richard Graves

Ringing for a school credit

Hand and Back

7 Towers Festival Report

NEW CONTENT: Out and About

Peals and quarters

April, 2012 ("Spring") Vol. 39, No, 2

Ring Around Charleston

Learning Grandsire from the ringing circles

Peals and Quarters

Young ringers program at Marietta

A WOW tour

Visiting ringers in the South East




  • 2011 Toronto AGM (Cover Article)
  • Comments, corrections invited for 2010 Annual Report
  • Minutes of 2011 NAGCR AGM
  • Update on Washington National Cathedral
  • Announcement for appointment of Newsletter Editor
  • Area reports
  • Report on Ringing Courses -- Sue DeVuyst
  • WRS ringer travels 'round the world in 27 towers - Lian von Wantoch
  • Book review -- Wooten Surprise
  • Actions of the Executive Committee
  • Interim Reports from Officers and WebTeam for 2011
  • Peal Secretary update
  • Membership update
  • Peals & Quarter Peals
  • Ring Around Charleston announcement
  • Philly QP Weekend announcement
  • Upcoming events
  • Book Service offerings
  • Membership application

  • 2011 Southern Cross Ringing Festival -- Honoring Marie Cross (Cover Article)
  • Update on registration for Toronto AGM, Sept 23 -- see website claendar entry for form
  • Victoria celebrates 75 years of ringing
  • Area reports
  • Report on the 2011 meeting of the Central Council
  • Remembering Paul Engsberg
  • Kalamazoo Hand Bell Weekend, March 2011
  • North American SRCY meet in Pittsburgh, April 2011
  • New ringing room doors at Orleans highlight Northeast area meeting in June
  • Butler I-20 tour - "Parte Uno"
  • Mobel - a review
  • Butlers' 25th overseas tour - Channel Islands
  • Actions of the Executive Committee
  • Officers' Reports
  • Regarding nominations of Guild officers for 2012 term
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • A FIRST: Teaching the Teachers (Cover Article)
  • Developing TtT - the back story
  • Registration for NAGCR AGM -- Toronto in September -- see website calendar entry for form
  • First Peal Rung in Asia
  • Philly Vernal Equinox weekend
  • "Ringing World" Centenary celebration
  • Regarding nominations of Guild officers
  • Officers' Reports
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • "Ringing in the Clouds" (Cover Article)
  • Philly Quarter Peal Weekend
  • Bell ringing in Shakespeare
  • Officers Reports
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Little Rock AGM (Cover Article)
  • Seven Named to Honor Roll
  • Butlers' Australian Ringing Tour
  • AGM Minutes
  • Officers Interim Reports
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Well Struck? (Cover Article)
  • AGM 2010 Information
  • Butlers' Ringing Tour
  • A First for Orleans
  • 30th Anniversary of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
  • Officers Columns
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Full Circle (Shreveport)
  • Stedman, Revisited
  • Philly Weekend
  • Officers Columns
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals

  • Studying Stedman
  • 2010 Butler Tour (Cornwall)
  • Officers Columns
  • Area Reports
  • Peals & Quarter Peals
  • 10th Anniversary of St. Marks' (Philadelphia)

  • NYC AGM Report & Photos
  • Obituaries: Bob Stokes & Paul Cattermole
  • Name the Place
  • Butler Tour 2009
  • Post Your News While It's New
  • Ringing in Cape Cod

  • Remembering Bill Jackson
  • Five Towers Festival 2009
  • Yale Update
  • The First Steel City Ringing Festival
  • Toronto Twelve Weekend 2009
  • Thoughts and Wandering in Worcester
  • Kalamazoo's Silver Anniversary Peal

  • US Presidential Inauguration Ringing in DC and elsewhere
  • Bill Jackson Remembered
  • Surprise Workshop
  • Quarter Peal Weekend
  • Spring Dinner
  • NYC AGM Update

  • "A True 5040" -- Trumpler Golden Anniversary
  • First Local Peal at Trinity NYC
  • Bell Ringing at Smith College
  • "A Picture is Truly Worth 2009 Changes"
  • Surprise Weekend at Brewster
  • "Teamwork in the Belfry" -- New Clappers for the Advent

  • "The Little Tower that Could" -- Miami AGM
  • "Improving Ringing Skills"
  • Getting Acquainted with Russian Bells and Ringers
  • Pittsburgh Ringing Course
  • Arthur Nichols' & Change Ringing in Boston
  • New Website Preview

  • A Day in Old New Castle
  • 6th Annual Minnesota Handbell Weekend
  • Butler Tour 2008
  • Education Survey Analysis
  • NCS Rings Around the UK
  • View of Seattle's Bells

  • Seattle Ring in Process
  • "Start Spreading the News" -- SRCY in NYC
  • 25th Anniversary of Old North Rehanging
  • Vernal Equinox Weekend in Philadelphia
  • The NorthEast Towers
  • Five Towers Festival Report
  • "Treble's Gone" -- 2007 Striking Competition
  • The Towers of the SouthWest
  • Birmingham's First Quarter Peal
  • St. Martin's in the Field's 500th QP
  • 20th Anniversary of Raleigh Bells

  • 2007 NoGA AGM Report
  • Report of the Constitution Committee
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Proposed Constitution Committee
  • "The Bells of Stetson Chapel Reach 500"
  • "It Was Awesome"

  • Seventeen Years of Butler Tours
  • Proposed Budget for 2008
  • Butler 'WAGOS' Tour Report
  • "All's Well that Ends Well"
  • "St. Louis University Ringing"

  • Thirty Years of Ringing Together n Victoria
  • DVD Review: "Craft of Bellringing"
  • Report of the southeastern Palm Sunday Workshop
  • Report of Philadelphia events
  • "When we are Four"

  • The English Ringer of the 'Boston Guild'
  • Appeal for Clapper Archives
  • Ringing for funeral of Gerald Ford
  • Bells of Old North history
  • Report of 2007 Flying Pig Festival in Houston
  • Name the Ringers

  • Report of AGM in British Columbia
  • "Learning to Ring Derek Sawyer's Way"
  • "Ringing a la Mode"
  • Report of the Peal Books Project Team
  • "Turn Around When Possible" -- Butler Tour Report
  • Obituary of Derek Miles Sawyer
  • The Bells of Birmingham
  • Fourth Annual Minnesota Handbell Weekend Report
  • "To Strengthen Ringing in North America"
  • Five Towers Ringing Festival Report
  • Random Access

  • The Church of the Good Shepard -- Wilde Bells
  • Report of the Constitution Committee
  • Philadelphia Quarter Peal Weekend 2006
  • Random Access
  • Obituary of J. Arthur Izard
  • Obituary of Dr. Robert Alan Verrey

  • The Bells of Holy Rosary Cathedral
  • NAGCR Election Results
  • Yesteryear in the Clapper
  • Upcoming Events
  • Ring Around Charleston Announcement
  • "Go Houston"
  • Book Review: "Coonducting and Coursing Order"
  • First Annual Individual Striking Competition, Kalamazoo
  • Don Trumpler's Western Canada Peal Band Tour
  • The 2005 Butler Tour
  • Constitution Committee Report
  • Toronto 12-Bell Weekend Report
  • Constitution Committee Report
  • Four Towers Festival 2005 Poem
  • Phiiadelphia Bells Barbeque Birthday Bash
  • Washington Three Tower Tour
  • Random Access
  • A Celebration of the Vernal Equinox
  • A Quarter Peal Weekend in the Grand Tradition"
  • "Undersea Ringing: An Octopus Surfaces"
  • Random Access
  • The Fortune Cookie Game

  • A Dream Comes True in Sewanee
  • Report of Dedication of Augusta Bells
  • Toronto to the Max: First Peal on Twelve by NA Band in Toronto
  • Raleigh Striking Competition
  • Official NAG Chat Group
  • Random Access

  • Ringing the Red Line in Washington DC
  • Quebec City Peal Weekend
  • Central Council Report
  • Announcement of NAG Chat Group
  • A Virginia Gentleman in Bruce Butler's Bus
  • AGM photos
  • Three Cheers for the Four Towers Festival
  • Way Down Upon the Sewanee Tower
  • Remembrance of Shirley Harris
  • First Peal for Pittsburgh
  • Calgary Homecoming: 50 Years of Bells in Calgary
  • Peach of a New Ring in Georgia
  • Four Towers Festival Report
  • Impressions of Ring Around Charleston
  • Obituary of Martyn W. Harbott
  • The Old Post Office Tower: Not Your Average Ring of Bells
  • Guidelines to Tower Etiquette
  • Thoughts on the Striking Competitions
  • Of Headstocks, Gudgeons, Clapper Joints, of Stays and Twiddle Pins
  • Dear Diary: A Guild to the Ringer's Diary

  • Striking Competition 2003
  • Thoughts on Bell Control
  • Conductor's Corner: Calling Extents of Stedman Doubles
  • Second Spring in Australia
  • Handbell Book Reviews
  • The Clapper Survey (Early Results)
  • Top Ten Reasons to Ignore Your Ringing Friends' Good Ideas

  • 25th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Bells at St. James, Hendersonville
  • Letters to the Editor: Catching the Sally with the Tail around the Back
  • AGM Kalamazoo 2003
  • Ringing Roadshow 2003
  • Perspectives from the Other Side of the Atlantic
  • Conductor's Corner: A Quarter Peal of Grandsire Triples
  • Innocents Abroad -- A Ringing Tale: Or Why Would You Go to Wantage to Learn to Ring?

  • Memories of a '43er
  • A Course of Ringing in Kent, or, Cue the Queen's Quarter
  • Augmentation to 6 of the 3 at St. James, Dallas
  • Circling the Cathedral
  • 2003 Three Towers Festival and Course in Houston
  • A Ringer's Fate: A Poem by Aileen Murphy
  • Conductors' Corner: An Alternative Approach to Calling Stedman Triplesr

  • The Surprise Weekend
  • A Useful Next Step for Doubles Bands
  • Not Just a Plain Course
  • My First Quarter Peal Weekend
  • New Castle Dinner 2002
  • If the Bells Won't Come to You, You'll Have to Go to the Bells
  • From The Clapper

  • 2002 Striking Competition
  • Officer Columns
  • Anniversary Celebrations in Miami
  • Hells Bells
  • Dolphins Break Surface, Hold 1st World Tour
  • The Pinx Tour

  • The Bells of Southminster
  • The Cumberlands' Country Meeting
  • In Loving Memory: Ethel Margaret Izard Twining
  • David Cyril Bertram Mills: A Tribute Delivered at the Memorial Service
  • High Times on the Downs
  • The Keele Ringing Course
  • Notes from the Back of the Bus

  • The Carmel Campanile
  • Calgary's Memorial to the Queen Mother
  • Victoria Day Weekend 2002 Report
  • If This is Tuesday . . . The Trumpler Tour
  • The Morrison Tour
  • The Bells' Birthday Barbeque Bash
  • Quebec Weekend 2002

  • Obituary of David C.B. Mills
  • And Did Bare Feet in Ancient Time: A Poem by David Wiedner
  • David Mills: A Tribute to a Friend
  • Westminster Abbey, Mission City, Meeting
  • Amphibian Ringing Society: Fact or Fiction? Coming to a Sleazy Network Near You!!!
  • Ring of One Follows the Sun: The Tale of the New Castle Cow Bell -- A Poem by Sue Clopper

  • New Cathedral Eight in Charleston
  • Emily Takes Charleston
  • Christ Church Raleigh Restoration Complete
  • Two Yanks at Sparsholt
  • A Love Story
  • The Twoer Bells of Trinity Episcopal CAthedral

  • Ring Toronto: The 2001 AGM
  • Condolences: The Ringing Community Responds
  • 99 Peals +1
  • In Philadelphia, Spring Came Late This Year
  • Touring the North of England
  • A Holiday with Some Ringing in the Southern States
  • The Tower Bells of Trinity Espiscopal Cathedral

  • Perpetual Peal Panic: Saint Martin's 20th Anniversary Peal
  • The Tower Bells of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • Listening to Ringing
  • Honolulu's Tenth Anniversary
  • Bells in Literature
  • Arkansas Tower Linked to Marietta
  • Grace Church Ringers Tour the UK

  • Tower Maintenance in Charleston
  • Quarter Peal Weekend
  • Surprise Major Weekend
  • The Tower Bells of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • The Lost Rings of America: Baltimore

  • NAGCR Striking Competition 2000: Two Views
  • Dedication Weekend -- Atlanta
  • Conducting for New Conductors
  • The Tower Bells of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Part IV
  • Announcement of Toronto 12-bell Weekend

  • NAGCR Annual Meeting 2000
  • Where Are We to Get Our Ringers
  • What I Did at Bell Camp
  • The Tower Bells of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Little Rock
  • A Kalamazoo Weekend: Why the Queen Mum Will Have to Wait Another Year
  • The Eagle Screamed
  • 10th Annual Butler Tour: A Squirrel's View

  • St. Luke's Bell Tower Nears Completion
  • Alice W. Shurcliffe Obituary
  • Bell's Birthday Barbecue Bash
  • College Youths' Country Meeting: Canada 2000
  • A Visit to Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
  • Philadelphia Party Patrol Invades New England
  • St. Neot 1999: An Exile's View

  • In Memoriam: J. MIchael Simpson
  • GCNA Website Supports NAGCR
  • Ringing in the Millennium
  • Philadelphia Spring Dinner
  • Sallies Retire to Honolulu
  • Diary of a Clapper
  • Ringers' Excuses: It's Not My Fault, Really

  • ASCY Canada 2000 Tour
  • Report of Charleston AGM 1999
  • Obituary of Ernest Edwin (Ted) Lee
  • Conducting One's First Quarter Peal
  • Visiting Abilene
  • The Bells of St. Mark's Philadelphia

  • Striking Competition in Hendersonville
  • When Sound Meets Symbol: A Day of Change Ringing and Mathematics at Kalamazoo
  • The Bruce and Eileen Butler 9th Annual Tour -- The Shires
  • St. Mark's Rededication Weekend

  • Plain Bob's Almanac: Repairing Bob Doubles
  • Venimus Tinnimus Vincimus, or The Marietta Surprise Workshop
  • St. Mark's Bells: The Grit, the Grime, and the Glory
  • Birthday Bash Weekend
  • All Local Band First Peal (Marietta)
  • Central Council Report
  • "A Ringer Departs" -- Remembering Wendell Blake
  • The Three Towers Festival Report
  • Philadelphia Spring Ringing: QP Weekend Report
  • "How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • Scenes from Marietta Surprise Weekend
  • Dangerous BC Bells
  • Plain Bob's Almanac: Ringing Jargon
  • 20 Tons of Bell Metal and Not an Ounce of Change
  • Of Mushroom Clouds, Quasimodo and the Efforts of Mere Mortals
  • A Neophyte Rings at York Minster
  • A Charleston Peal
  • 1998 Striking Competition: Stella Maris

  • Exhilaration in Victoria: 1998 AGM
  • Shamrocks and Haggis: 1998 Butlers' WISE Tour
  • Recruitment: How Is It Going?
  • Change Ringing in America Circa 1946

  • 500 Quarters at the Advent
  • Quebec Weekend 1998
  • Derek Wilsden Honored
  • Philadelphia Bells Come of Age
  • Three Towers Festival
  • "The Tower Handbook" -- A Book Review
  • Our Men in Ireland

  • Remembering John G. "Jack" Fanfani
  • The Bells of Trivitte Memorial Church: A Lost Ring Found
  • St. Mark's Church Votes to Restore Bells
  • A Vancouver Peal of Plain Bob Triples
  • Observations of a First-Timer at a Quarter Peal Weekend
  • Marietta Surprise Major Weekend
  • Three Towers Festival Report

  • DC Band Wins NAG Striking Competition
  • Victoria AGM Report
  • The British Columbia Association of Change Ringers
  • Charleston's First Ringing Weekend
  • St. Andrew's Honolulu Tower Outing

  • Notes from Northampton: Report of the 1997 AGM
  • NAGCR AGM: One Person's Perspective
  • Report of Smith College AGM Ringing Course
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Remembrance of Sally Coad
  • Seventh Annual Butler Tour Report
  • NCS Whitechapel Guild Trip to Devon and Cornwall

  • Dedication of North America's First Twelve
  • Victoria Day Weekend Report
  • Seeds Sprouting Quebec!
  • Ninth Annual Three Towers Festival (and Ringing Course)
  • Review of New Teaching Aids from the Central Council
  • Bells and Ringing in Boston at the Turn of the Century in Boston
  • Review of "The Bellcaster's Apprentice"

  • Toronto Cathedral Bells Are Installed and Ringing
  • Spring Again! Vernal Equinox Dinner in Philadelphia
  • Philly Quarter Peal Weekend '97
  • Old York Twelve Chronology
  • Looking Back
  • Review of "There Was Life Before NAG"

  • Bells with Wine in California
  • Toronto Twelve Update
  • Looking Back
  • Name Change for The Clapper
  • Ringing on Bodies

  • Report of Miami AGM
  • Veronese System of Bell Ringing
  • Celebration of the Bells, Victoria BC
  • Ringing in the North
  • Tower Grabbing -- A Poem by Chet Ham

  • Three Towers Festival inTexarkana
  • Calling Plain Bob "By the Clock"
  • Charleston Young Ringers Guild
  • Announcement of Ring of Twelve to be Installed in Toronto
  • Don Taylor Meets John Taylor: Bells for Dallas
  • Life Before NAG: Calgary Chapter

  • First Tower Bells Rung in Georgia -- Bell Dedication in Marietta
  • An Unexpected Visitor
  • Life Before NAG: Hingham Chapter
  • Traveling Nuptials
  • Report of Vernal Equinox Ringing
  • Stedman Made Easy: A Review of "The Printer's Devil" by Chico Kid
  • Centennial Celebrations

  • Where Are Our Ringers to Come From?
  • Thanks to Will Harwin and Jill Kirby
  • Go in Peace! -- a Poem by Chet Ham
  • Washington's Dave Brown Dies
  • Life Before NAG; Part 3

  • 1995 AGM in Boston: Demiquinquecentennial of the Old North Bells, but We Spend More Time at Advent
  • Tower Integrity at Hingham
  • North American Ringers Sighted in UK!
  • Quebec: Remembrance of Things Past
  • Life Before NAG -- Part II
  • New Bells Dedicated on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
  • "Life Before NAG"
  • A Tribute to the Ellis Family
  • NCS Ringers Tour British Isles
  • Conducting Grandsire Doubles
  • "Part of the Pattern"
  • Obituary of Bill Crichton
  • "The Blessing"
  • Philadelphia Spring Dinner Report
  • Philadelphia Quarter Peal Weekend Report
  • "Ringing Rounds: The Second Time Around
  • Conducting Plain Bob Doubles (for Everyone)
  • Summary Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting 1/14/95
  • Obituary of Albert Mostone
  • Book Service Offerings
  • A Double Surprise
  • AGM Returns to Kalamazoo
  • Summary Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting
  • "Learning the Ropes"
  • Change Ringing in Flatland
  • Silent and Unconducted at Riverside
  • Unwaned 37 Cwt Twelve -- Former Bull Ring Bells
  • "Quebec: David Flies, Lynn Doesn't, and Sally Unwinds in Chet's Arms"
  • "A Name on a Lost Peal Board"
  • An Enjoyable Exercise
  • "Classical Music and Change Ringing Music
  • Three Decades of Devotion
  • Announcement of 1994 AGM Plans
  • "A Sparkling Weekend in Philadelphia"
  • Report of Vernal Equinox Weekend
  • Obituary of Geddes
  • Acrostic by MT
  • "First in Maryland"
  • Announcement of NAG Tutorial Program
  • Three Towers Festival Announcement
  • Vernal Equinox Weekend Announcement
  • "How to Make Friends with, and Influence, the Bell
  • AGM in Calgary Report
  • A View of the AGM from Two Visitors
  • If It's Sunday, It must be Victoria
  • 25th Anniversary of the Bells at Smith College
  • Contribution Guidelines
  • "HOG Tour"
  • "Surprise! Methods"
  • "Quebec Pilgrimage"
  • Peal Ringing in England
  • Hands On in Ithaca
  • Dedication in Charleston
  • A Distant Country Meeting
  • St Michael's, Charleston, Bells Cross the Sea
  • Raleigh Peal Dedicates Augmented Eight
  • Book Review: "Change Ringing: The History of an English Art"
  • "Number Crunching at the National Cathedral"
  • "Meredith Morris Elected Pope? or, Awkansawyers Ring in the Presidential Inauguration of a "Man from Hope"
  • "Saturday Dawned Bright and Sunny"
  • "The Year of the Simulator -- Concluded"
  • Raleigh Dedicates New Eight
  • Philadelphia Hosts Striking Competition
  • Obituary for Rt. Rev. Allen Goodings
  • Vernal Equinox Weekend Announcement
  • "Were You Invited"
  • Kent-Brewster Hosts 1992 AGM
  • Expansion Proposal Approved for Ballot
  • Executive Committee Action
  • Bruce & Eileen's Bellringing Tour
  • Re-Visiting Royalty
  • "A New Ring of Twelve for Minneapolis-St Paul"
  • The Lost Ring of Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster
  • Obituary of William Theobald
  • News from Abroad: The Update from Oxford
  • The Year of the Ringing Simulator
  • Headstock Hiatus at Houston
  • Learning Surprise Methods
  • Sound Out the Spring Song
  • NAG Role of Honor Established
  • Honolulu Update
  • Restoration Progress at St Mary's, Burlington
  • Burlington Work Weekend: "A Wonderful, Terrible Time"
  • 1991 Striking Competition: First Place Tie
  • "Meditation, Reminder"
  • "Labor Day in the Sweet Sunny (?) South"
  • Minutes of the 1991 AGM in Little Rock
  • Consecration of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria
  • "The First Ithaca Handbell Gorge"
  • "Belfries, Beds, Baths, and Breakfast"
  • St. Andrew's Honolulu Dedicated
  • International Striking Competition
  • Ringing for the Queen (And Then Some)
  • Old North Peal Lottery Announcment
  • USA '91 (If It's Tuesday It Must Be Texas)
  • "Building a Belfry, or EXPO Moves to Riverside"
  • "Little Rock Welcomes AGM"
  • "Learning Surprise Methods: Cambridge"
  • Striking Competition Announcement
  • "Equinoctial Revelry"
  • Ringers Songs
  • "The Bells of Abilene Are Ringing Changes"
  • "A Minute and Distorted Look at North American Ringing"
  • Cumberlands at Kalamazoo
  • "A Trip to Abilene, or: A Tour of Eight Towers"
  • Book Review: "Campanological Archaeology"
  • Report of 1990 AGM in Philadelphia
  • Washington Celebrates Consecration of National Cathedral
  • Database Design for Quarter Peals
  • EXPO Rings for Crown Princess
  • "Thanksgiving"
  • Report of Philadelphia AGM
  • Report of Three Towers Festival
  • Report of Raleigh Striking Competition
  • Philadelphia's Ten-Year Anniversary
  • Quebec City Weekend Report
  • !990 Handbell Bash Report
  • Cathedral of the Holy Rosary -- A Short History
  • Plans for Philadelphia AGM
  • "Rutland: An Exercise in Surprise Major Composition"
  • "A Ringing Network???"
  • Remembrance of Ben Schwarzs
  • A Stedman Primer
  • Ringing Tour of Northern Ireland
  • Survey of Scottish Towers -- II
  • "Pulling Off Bells"
  • "Ringers' Test"
  • "Post-AGM Syndrome Afflicts Flow Chart Queen, or Warm Welcome in Houston"
  • Minutes of the 1989 AGM
  • "A Passion for Bells -- Part 3"
  • "Three Towers in a Week"
  • NAGCR's First Live Striking Competition
  • Abilene Update
  • "Eight Ringers in a Boat"
  • "E Maurice Atkins: A Treat of Major for the New Conductor"
  • Quebec City Ringing Weekend Report
  • American Ringers North of the Severn: Tour '89
  • Arthur Nichols: A Passion for Bells
  • "Toward Better Striking"
  • "Computers and Composition"
  • "Fun, Surf, and Sun -- Almost"
  • Revised 1988 Peal Analysis
  • The Bells of St. Michael's, Charleston
  • Survey of Towers in Scotland & Renegade Americans in Scotland
  • "OK Things to Think about during Peals & Things Not to Think about during Peals"
  • Striking Competition Announcement
  • Bicentennial Peal Boards in Place at Last
  • Announcement of First Three Towers Festival
  • Advent Scores 100th Peal
  • A "Delight" to Remember, Or, 5 Englishmen Go Mad in Houston
  • "A Real Ringing Weekend: Farthing-Stibal Wedding"
  • In Memory of Alice Dickinson
  • Muncians Meander Down Under
  • Editorial Mailbag
  • "St. Mark's, Philadelphia: Bells on Trial
  • Old North Peal Lottery Announcement
  • Transvaal and Zimbabwe Guilds Welcomed
  • Quebec City Ringing Weekend Report
  • "Award to Ringer"
  • "Things Overheard"
  • Plans for Quebec AGM
  • Popular Peal Compositions: Stedman Caters
  • Raleigh Peal Dedicated
  • Letter from the President
  • NAG Tour Report
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Ringing Tours Highlight NAG Summer
  • MIdwest Group Brings "Grand Cicadas" Tour East
  • Ringers, Chocaholics Converge on Boston; Madcap Weekend Ensues
  • Proposal for HLM of Martyn Harbott
  • "NAGing GOSSIP"
  • Plans for the Kalamazoo AGM
  • Report of Quebec City Weekend
  • "A Visit Down Under"
  • Report of CCCBR Meeting
  • NAG Scores Long Length of Double Dublin
  • "The Twisted Grapevine"
  • Historical Account of 1894 Restoration at Old North
  • Erin Triples Long Length Attempt
  • "Heard in the Tower"
  • "Ringing on Bodies"
  • Wakeland to Do Tower History
  • "Ancient Society Established in America"
  • NAG Band Rings Record Length of Erin Caters
  • "Martin on Cambridge"
  • CCCBR PR Committee Report
  • AGM Photos & Report
  • CCCBR Report
  • Middleton's Cambridge
  • "Belfrymanship" Reprinted from 1977

  • First Local Peal at Kalamazoo
  • AGM in Victoria Details
  • Old North Peal Lottery
  • Photos & Report of Quebec City Weekend
  • Doubles Ringing Continued with Compositions & Table of Names

  • “Doubles Ringing”
  • Plans for Quebec City Weekend
  • Proposal to Purchase a Computer to Produce The Clapper
  • Report from CCCBR PR Committee
  • Striking Competition Details

  • “A Mid-(& Trans-) Atlantic Tower Grab”
  • Announcement of Striking Competition
  • Plans for AGM in Victoria in late August
  • Maps & Directions to Smith College tower

  • Report & Photos of AGM in Boston
  • “Abilene Revisited”
  • Report of the Quebec City Weekend
  • Australian BiCentennial Planning for 1988

  • "It's William Again"
  • "Measuring Odd-Struck Bells"
  • About Founders and Foundries
  • Member Profile: Don Morrison
  • Proposal for Dues Change
  • Miami bells dedicated
  • Obituary of Bill Risinger
  • "Teaching Change Ringing to the Masses"
  • Charts for ringing simple methods
  • "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Composing PB Major"
  • Complete List of Bells of North America
  • Dedication of Texarkana bells
  • Update on proposed Texas rings
  • Plans for 1985 AGM in Boston
  • Bell Fund Concert for Cambridge MA
  • Schedule for Quebec City Weekend
  • Handbell Census Form
  • "Beryl's Travels"
  • "Go Grandsire Caters"
  • Last Chance Puzzle
  • List of all NA Towers
  • First Peal at Kalamazoo
  • "Date Quarters and Round Blocks"
  • Washington Bells: 20 Year Perspective
  • Dedication of the bells of Kalamazoo College
  • Statements Introducing new officers
  • Proposed new Constitution & ByLaws
  • Tenth Anniversary of Melrose Bells
  • "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by James R. Lawson
  • The Riverside Carillon
  • "Closet Catholic, Anyone?"
  • Little Grandsire Caters
  • Sound Insulation in Belfries
  • "New Ringers Learn the Ropes"
  • Name Change for "The Clapper"?
  • Dedication of the Ditchley Bells, Old PO Building, DC
  • "Little Grandsire"
  • "The Origins of Our Art"
  • "On Conducting: Plain Courses of Plain Bob"
  • Washington DC Post Office Ring -- History, Dedication
  • "Queen's Birthday Frolics"
  • Little Grandsire Caters
  • "On Conducting -- Part Two"
  • New Constitution and ByLaws
  • Victoria Bells Dedicated
  • St. Michael's Bells, Charleston
  • "Alice's Adversaries in the Belfry" reprinted from 1956 RW
  • Ditchley Gift of Bells to the US Congress
  • New Ring in Abilene
  • Little Grandsire Triples
  • Obituaries for Fred Price and A. Patrick Cannon
  • "Rabbit's Guild Fears Victimisation"
  • Plain Bob Minor Discussion
  • "William!"
  • "The Rabbit's Guild"
  • "From Here to Here and In -Between"
  • "Bells are Instruments, Ringers are Musicians"
  • "Synergisms"
  • "On Conducting"
  • "Points to Ponder"
  • Local Peal at Victoria, B.C.
  • More letters about conflict over Guild purpose and means
  • "Ringing Logistics" by WJ Kollar
  • "It's William Again"
  • "Starting Surprise"
  • Proposals to amend the Constitution
  • First Peal at Old North
  • Replies on the matter of the meaning & means of the NAGCR
  • "Will's Wit"
  • Profile of William Theobald
  • Progress at Immanuel Church
  • Plea for dues payment
  • Standing Committees of the NAGCR
  • "Too Proud to Snool?"
  • "Will Ragland Rite Again"
  • Questionnaire about NAG purposes and activities
  • Report of Hendersonville AGM
  • AGM Course Questionnaire Results
  • Geoff Davies Declines HLM and outlines future tasks for the Guild
  • "Excerpts from the Diary of a Texas Ringer"
  • "A Ring of Bells"
  • Philadelphia Ringing Weekend
  • Early History of Immanuel Church, New Castle
  • "There and Back -- The Journey of 2 Bellringers"
  • First ringers meeting in Laramie, Wyoming
  • "The First Peal in Canada: Story of Vancouver's Bells" (RW, 1916)
  • Reprint from Harper's Weekly
  • "Two from Boston, Or How I Learned to Love Maggie"
  • "Bell Ringing by Computer"
  • Response to "Carter's Principle"
  • "Xenomania Surprise Major"
  • Plans for the restoration of Immanuel Church, New Castle
  • First peal on the Mitchell Ten
  • "Heaviest and Lightest Pealed in a Day"
  • AGM Site Selection Article
  • "The Method Column -- Carter's Triples"
  • "Belfrymanship"
  • NAG Constitution
  • Minutes of AGM on August 31 in Houston
  • Annual Report of NAGCR from June 1979-June 1980
  • "The Practice of Change Ringing in the United States"
  • Obituary for Fred J. Westlake
  • Advisory Committee formed for ring of bells at St. John the Divine in NYC
  • Announcement of St. James Guild Annual Dinner, Hendersonville
  • Announcement of NAGCR Peal Record Reference Service
  • Call for more PR materials for Guild Scrapbook
  • St. Martin's Philadelphia bells installed -- 14th in the U.S.A.
  • Old North ringing on Walter Cronkite's Evening News
  • Proposed amendments to the Constitution
  • Exchange regarding political situation in Quebec and ringing
  • "Plain Bob, Variable Hunt
  • E.W. Izard Memorial Fund
  • Minutes of the 1979 AGM in Brewster
  • Dedication of Berkeley Carillon
  • Bells in Colorado
  • "St. Martin's (Philadelphia) Orders its Bells"
  • Philadelphia Bell Fund
  • AGM Hendersonville Report
  • Statement of NAG membership requirements
  • Import Tariff on Cast Bells
  • "Treble and Tenor"
  • Announcement of next AGM at Kent
  • Letter from the Editors
  • "Plain Speaker"
  • "Stedman Trips without Too Many Tears (2)
  • Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer
  • April Showers in February
  • New Activity at Christ Church Boston
  • "Plain Speaker"
  • Report of the New Castle Annual Dinner
  • A Reasonable Facsimile of English Beer
  • New Castle's Annual Dinner Report
  • "Plain Speaker"
  • Letter to and from the Editors
  • Recipe for New Castle Cheese Soup
  • Report and Minutes of Chicago AGM
  • "Plain Speaker"
  • "North American Ringers in England"
  • "Don Morrison, Expo Bells, and Confusion at a Steam Festival"
  • "Stedman Triples without Too Many Tears"
  • The Hendersonville Ring
  • Edward Whitaker Izard Obituary
  • "The Pilgrim's Progress"
  • "New Ring for Washington?'
  • "Plain Speaker"
  • Report of Bell Fund Committee
  • Proposal for a monthly Clapper
  • "Plain Speaker" article
  • Quarter Peal analysis
  • "A New Class of Minor Methods?"
  • First peal on the Advent bells, Boston
  • Announcement of a NAG pamphlet
  • "Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Recruiting"
  • Announcement of 1978 AGM in Chicago
  • Cartoon Caption Contest
  • Report & Minutes of Vancouver/Victoria AGM
  • Annual Reports of Officers, Budget & Book Service
  • Announcement of a new ring for Washington, DC
  • Report of First Peal in North America, Reprinted from 1916 RW
  • News of NAG Bellhanger in Britain
  • Information about upcoming AGM in Victoria/Vancouver
  • Proposal for a NAG Bell Fund
  • Proposed amendments to the Constitution
  • "A Bellhanger's Winter Complaint" -- a poem by LCW
  • Announcement of NAG Book Service -- "Rapid Ringing Books"
  • Message from the Secretary-Treasurer
  • Forms related to upcoming AGM
  • Annual Quarter Peal Report
  • Report of First Peal at Brewster
  • "From the Horse's Mouth"
  • Brief History of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria
  • Letter from the Secretary-Treasurer
  • Belfry Gossip
  • Report of NAG Tour to England
  • "Mysteries of the Art" -- A Guide for Non-Ringers, poem by Ann Martin
  • Minutes of the Groton AGM
  • Report of the Boston AGM
  • Note about role of Area Reps
  • Proposal for New England peal week
  • Bicentennial ringing
  • Quebec City Weekend report
  • Announcement of upcoming Boston AGM Agenda
  • "From the Horse's Mouth"
  • Special Report of Philadelphia ringing
  • Reports from other areas
  • Proposed amendment to the Constitution
  • "From the Horse's Mouth" -- N.A.G. Notes
  • Ringing commences at Melrose School, Brewster
  • Area Reports in depth as usual
  • Report & Minutes of Washington AGM
  • Article about Marie Cross teaching in Houston
  • Details of planned 1976 ringing tour of England
  • "Belfry Gossip" column
  • AGM location change
  • AGM Agenda & Motions
  • Paul Revere Bicentennial Reprint from RW
  • John Buchholz obituary
  • Report of the Quebec City weekend
  • Formation of the MIT Guild
  • Area Reports
  • "Rapidly Sinking Old Men" column
  • Calgary AGM photos
  • Submission instructions from the Clapper Editor
  • AGM Reports & Minutes
  • More extensive News & Letters to the Editor than in previous issues
  • Report of Williams Peal Band Tour
  • News from Advent Tower
  • HLMs named
  • 170 ringers in Tobin Tour visit Boston
  • AGM report
  • Public Relations 1974
  • Kent-Groton Exchange Visits
  • Wilfred Williams Peal Band comes to Boston
  • AGM Motions
  • Letter from Tony Collins on NAG policies

  • Grotties Take Trip to England
  • Ringers Honor 'Pop' Izzard
  • Quebec City Hosts Ringing Weekend

  • Silent Bells in the Boston Area
  • What is This?
  • To England Again