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Got Pictures? Got Videos? Got skills? NAGCR needs YOU!

You can help make the new NAGCR website really pop.

by Kemp Brinson

Hello friends! The Guild is re-designing its website, and YOU can help. Here's how!

  1. Do you have some nice photos of your tower or band?
  2. Are you willing to video yourself talking about ringing? Or does someone in your band have a compelling story to tell about why/how they ring?
  3. Do you have any skills at graphic design or javascript?

If so, read on...


We need some new photos. So check your collections and see if you have anything that fits the bill in these categories:

Videos of ringing/bells

We will be producing some video content, and we need some clips of ringing to splice into those videos. The videos do not need to have high quality sound or high quality ringing, we just need the video. But I may use some of the sound if it is nice.

I am looking for both:

  1. North Americans ringing in North American towers
  2. North American bells themselves, in the belfry

All videos need to be in LANDSCAPE mode, not portrait.

What do you have buried on your phones and cameras?

Photos of towers

For each tower, I need:

  1. 1-3 really nice shots of the outside of the building/tower (without people)
  2. 1-3 really nice shots of the ringing chamber (with people or without) and bells
  3. If you are making new photos, please get a variety of shots from different angles, and make sure some of them are portrait (tall) and some of them are landscape (wide). These days, phones take pretty good pictures, so if you have some nice phone shots, submit them!
Photos of ringers

I need pictures of ringers, preferably ringing! These will be sprinkled throughout in various places. Here are some guidelines:

How to submit

Use this link to upload photos/videos to dropbox

Please also send me an email () to let me know and so that credit can be given, but please use the dropbox for submissions.

You are responsible for securing permission of anyone featured, if necessary, and I will assume, unless you tell me otherwise, that you are the copyright holder and that by submitting a photo or video, you are giving the NAGCR the right to use the photo/video on its website, and to modify it for that purpose.

Videoing Yourself

I hope to produce some new video content for the site. I need two types of people.

  1. ANYONE willing to say a few sentences on camera about ringing. I'll send you the script and some questions you can answer in your own words, if you like. You just need to shoot it on your phone or camera and send it back. This will be used to create one or a few short videos explaining what change ringing is, why it is so much fun, and who we are.
  2. Approx. 3-people willing to be the subjects of short videos featuring them. I want to share profiles of three North American ringers, of varying skill levels, ages, and experience. This is open to EVERYONE from brand new call change ringer to seasoned veteran. Who in your band has a compelling personality and is a good talker?

Interested? Email Kemp Brinson (), and, if I don't know you, tell me a litte about yourself.

Graphic Design/Javascript

I have a few discrete projects that could use your expertise.

  1. I need someone to take the existing jpg NAG logo and build a vector format version with a transparent background.
  2. I need someone with a good eye for graphic design, fonts, and layout to look at what I am coming up with and help suggest specific changes (e.g., try this font, maybe space that differently). I'll do the technical work, I just need your aesthetic sensibilities.
  3. I need someone who knows javascript pretty well to help me with the google maps api that powers the tower map. The bones are there, and it is functional, I just need some tweaks made.

Interested? Email Kemp Brinson (), and, if I don't know you, tell me a litte about yourself.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or contributions you might be able to make. Stay tuned for some more news about the project in the coming months.

Posted Aug 15, 2020


Bruce N ButlerAug 15 2020, 2:52 pm

The Executive Committee is thrilled and very excited about this project. We are very pleased that Kemp has come forward to take the lead, however, he can’t do it alone and needs everyone’s help to develop our new website.

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