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Council Review and Action Group - Thanks Tony for working on this committee and representing North American interests.

Please read and let your Central Council reps know how you feel

by Bruce N Butler

Hi there, NA ringers,

Please find enclosed a link to the report of the CRAG (Council Review and Action Group), which has spent the past year devising some recommendations for how the Central Council operates.

There are two separate reports - the Full Report (a lengthy tome with many appendices, but still worth reading), and a short Summary report, which contains the principle discoveries and recommendations.

You can download either document at

If you have any questions, there is a link on that site to ask them. (I'd ask you not to address them to me, since that might cause them to get separated from all the other questions that are asked)

It was a fascinating experience being on the CRAG, and I hope that you will find our efforts worthwhile (you may even get some sense of what the Council does, or could do)!

Tony Furnivall

Posted May 05, 2017


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