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Abilene in the news!

by Bruce N Butler

Please see the following piece about ringing in Abilene.

Posted Jan 18, 2017


Lynn G BlairJan 26 2017, 3:59 am

As a follow-up to this article, we have more information now concerning the state of our frame and fittings.

After an initial evaluation by the Verdin company (who bought Schulmerich who originally installed the bells) we might have even more on our plate than just a new frame and fittings. The frame was measured to sway over an inch in the direction opposite the swing of the treble. It was also noted that as the bells are cast to the carillon standard as opposed to the change ringing standard it might be the case that the bells themselves fail due to the force of the clapper strikes. The company has actually recommended an entirely new ring and to move the existing change ringing bells up into the rest of the carillon.

We were ready to commission the work to Whitechapel but as they are no longer taking on new projects we are looking for alternatives. If anyone has any guidance, suggestions or whatever regarding this matter please share them with me so I can forward them on to the vestry. They are wanting to be proactive about this so any help anyone could possibly provide would be appreciated.

Don MorrisonJan 30 2017, 2:49 am

Taylor's is the obvious alternative to Whitechapel, now that the latter is no longer an option.

Lynn G BlairFeb 02 2017, 9:16 pm

I actually contacted and have been discussing the issues with Benjamin Sunderlin and in the process the senior warden has shut us down saying the church doesn't have the funds to proceed at this time (and they just spent multi millions on a new parish hall, go figure).

So unless there is financial aid or we run some sort of successful crowd funding campaign (as if!) I'm sad to report Abilene's bells will be silent for the indefinite future. It really looked like the powers that be were on board with this but I guess I was mistaken.

I wish I had better news.

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