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Area Report from Victoria Intended for October newsletter

by Margaret Ketchen

Somehow or other the Victoria report that was published in the Spring issue of The Clapper was re-published in the Fall issue. The following, prepared by Susan Benzon, is what you should have read, although I have amended or omitted parts which are now out-dated.

"Through the work and enthusiasm of Val Brown and Sarah Beukema, the Victoria band rings handbells once again. During the summer, Val spearheaded and instructed Thursday evening handbell sessions. Lately, Sarah has been both hosting and teaching at home in Metchosin. Sarah's daughters, Katerina and Alexandra, are learning too - their enthusiasm is quite delightful. Congratulations to the rest of the "hard core" group: Frances Quetton, Margaret Ketchen and Faith Magwood! They ring Plain Hunt on 8, Plain Bob Minor, and more...

Madeline Holden, returned for a while (hopefully, a LONG while) from Newfoundland, has thrown in her lot with the Thursday handbell gang. Back in the tower, as her ability in trebling to methods improves, Madeline is becoming increasingly useful to the band.

The decoration and re-carpeting of the ringing chamber has finished. Thank you so very much, Robert Mason-Hurley, for your generous donation towards improvements therein! Our Treasurer, Stephen Smith, used those funds both to replace our old clock, and to construct and set up a new set of brass coat-hooks on a wooden rail that matches the clock.

This summer and early fall we suffered more than usual from lack of ringers. Most of the Victoria band was here at the beginning of July, to celebrate our 75th Anniversary. Then, promptly, everyone went on holiday. Many thanks to bellringers from "away" for swelling the ranks, particularly in September.

The third weekend in September we rang for the Kingcome Inlet "Feast" held on the grounds of the cathedral. The purpose of the gathering was to raise money for a First Nations community on British Columbia’s central coast, wiped out by floods this time last year. Michael Batten, barefoot and wearing a colourful skirt, rang with us at the start of the proceedings. After ringing, Michael joined the Nisga'a dancers on the south lawn - for him, it must have been a very busy weekend. The ringers felt honoured to be included in what turned out to be an exciting, and moving, cultural event."

Posted Dec 12, 2011


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