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New Photo & Video Feature

by Dianne S P Cermak

As those of you with an RSS feed set up will already be aware, John Danaher now has two new features -- "Photo and Video Albums" and "Photo of the Day" -- up and running for us. You should see them as open widgets on the home page at but, if not, you can always find them by clicking on their links in the "Resources & Links" widget. Now you can not only enjoy seeing other ringers' photos and videos about change ringing events, but also easily upload your own.

The "Photo and Video Albums" feature has been designed so that it is very simple for members of the Guild to upload their ringing-related photographs and videos from Picasa, Shutterfly, Flickr, and YouTube. Just click on "Browse albums and see photos" at the bottom of the Albums widget or click on this link: Then click on "Upload a New Album" and follow the directions from there. A few albums -- large and small, still images and video -- are already posted to give an idea of what is possible. John has also brought over all the albums from the prior website. We look forward to seeing many more contributions from upcoming Area Meetings and ringing festivals added to this feature soon.

Have fun with this new feature! Feel free to contact the WebTeam at mailto: if you have questions.

Posted Mar 25, 2010


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