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New NAGCR Website Ready for Member Preview

by Kemp Brinson

The new NAGCR website is ready for a member preview! To access, visit The password is "stedman".

Posted Jul 02, 2021

Old North Bells on NPR

by Austin Paul
Posted Jul 01, 2021

Whitechapel bell foundry

by Edward J Futcher
Posted May 14, 2021

The Bells That Never Were

by Josh Burson

As the title suggests, this concerns the history of unsuccessful proposals for change ringing towers in North America. This is the "published" version of a talkthat I gave at the 2020 AGM; it may also be printed in The Clapper at some point. If anyone is interested in a slightly neater copy (inc. appendices and maps), please feel free to contact me.

The attached images are the towers proposed in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, respectively; and of five notable proposed towers (Montgomery, AL; the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC; Holy Trinity, Edmonton; Gasson Hall, Boston College; and Pauli Murray College, New Haven.

Posted Oct 19, 2020

Updated peal list

by Edward J Futcher
Posted Oct 04, 2020

Got Pictures? Got Videos? Got skills? NAGCR needs YOU!

by Kemp Brinson
Posted Aug 15, 2020

Review of the Excellent (!) New Book "Change-Ringing on Handbells Volume 1: Basic Techniques" by Tina Stoecklin and Simon Gay.

by Kemp Brinson (via Quilla Roth)

Kemp Brinson reviews Change-Ringing on Handbells Volume 1: Basic Techniques by Tina Stoecklin and Simon Gay.

Posted Jun 18, 2020

Returning to Ringing

by Bruce N Butler
Posted May 29, 2020

5/28/20 - Central Council Index of Lockdown Training Videos Now Available

by Quilla Roth

Check out the Central Council's searchable index of lockdown training videos at Ringing Education is Alive and Well!

Posted May 28, 2020

Online Ringing (March 2020) – Hilarity Ensues

by Sue O'Neill (with Quilla Roth)

What happens when some "socially distanced" casual handbell ringers try to ring "together" via Zoom?

Posted Mar 29, 2020

Taylor's Appeal

by Bruce N Butler
Posted Jan 08, 2020

Updated peals database

by Edward J Futcher
Posted Jan 03, 2020

The Accidental Ringer

by Eileen J Butler
Posted Oct 01, 2019

Steeple Keeper's Diary 1: Now with added Epilogue!

by Josh Burson

STEEPLEKEEPER’S DIARY: What you do when the clapper falls out of one of your bells. Originally published in the Winter 2019 issue of The Clapper; this version also includes an account of how we fixed it. (Yes, we fixed it!)

Posted Feb 20, 2019

NAG Peals Database

by Edward J Futcher
Posted Feb 16, 2019

American Ringing Tour Video

by Kemp Brinson
Posted Feb 09, 2018

The Stedman Spinner

by Frederick DuPuy

Want a touch of Stedman Triples which will affect a certain bell or leave it unaffected? Try this handy tower aid!

Posted Feb 07, 2018

Update on Central Council Reform

by Bruce N Butler

This is a report of the November 2017 Council Reform Update – Executive away-day.

Posted Dec 06, 2017

Tales from the Bell Chamber

by Quilla Roth report
Posted Aug 15, 2017

Council Review and Action Group - Thanks Tony for working on this committee and representing North American interests.

by Bruce N Butler

Thanks Tony for working on this committee and representing North American interests.

Posted May 05, 2017

Philadelphia ringing makes the NY Times

by Bruce N Butler
Posted Feb 06, 2017

Abilene in the news!

by Bruce N Butler
Posted Jan 18, 2017

Could you conduct a peal?

by Rick DuPuy

Last year, the goal was to find 300 new peal ringers. This year it's even more ambitious: 125 first-time peal conductors.

Posted May 17, 2016

Recent Blogs from the Church of the Transfiguration

by Orleans ringers
Posted Mar 12, 2016

‘First Peal 2015’ and the North American Guild — the year in review

by Rick DuPuy

Now that we have closed the books on 2015, it's time to look back at the ‘First Peal 2015’ campaign, whose goal was to recruit 300 new peal-ringers, and at North America’s contribution to it.

Posted Jan 23, 2016

New Video about ringing

by Michael Hinton
Posted Nov 13, 2015

Beryl Nelson

by Laura Dickerson
Posted Oct 24, 2015

Bill Crouch

by Don Morrison

The North American ringing community lost a much loved member with the death of Bill Crouch on August 18, 2015.

Posted Oct 16, 2015

Manners and Etiquette in the Tower

by Ross J Finbow
Posted Jul 24, 2015

Bells for Charleston

by William Hronas
Posted Jun 22, 2015

On Conducting

by Ross J Finbow

Considerations and suggestions for aspiring conductors

Posted Mar 02, 2015

‘First Peal 2015’ and the North American Guild

by Rick DuPuy

How can the Guild participate in the campaign to mark the 300th Anniversary of the first known peal?

Posted Feb 03, 2015

North American Peal Ringing 2013

by Don Morrison

An analysis of peals rung in 2013 where at least half the band are North American residents, together with some context from the preceding five years, and a look forward via the first half of 2014.

Posted Jun 30, 2014

Alternate source of bell information

by Carl Scott Zimmerman, Webmaster,
Posted Mar 10, 2014

The Smoke Ring

by Michael Hinton
Posted Nov 27, 2013

2012 Quarter Peal analysis

by Rick DuPuy

If it is possible to get a snapshot of North American ringing from the Quarter Peals printed in The Clapper, the new performances database has made it that much easier to put into focus. It is a dataset ripe for analysis; and what is there sets hearts racing like the promise of charts and graphs?

Posted Jul 12, 2013

An early reference to Change Ringing?

by A Thomas Miller
Posted Jun 09, 2013

What is the Abraham Lincoln Society?

by Don Morrison

An explanation of what the Abraham Lincoln Society of Change Ringers is, and why it was established.

Posted May 20, 2013

No bats in this Hill church belfry; just great music

by Janet Gilmore

We were pleased to welcome a writer from the Chestnut Hill Local that Winston Moody had met. She wrote a very nice article and it has recently been published and we copy it here for your reading pleasure.

Posted Jan 30, 2013

New hope for Roland Pershcon's bells in Pewaukee

by Melissa Graham of Lake Country Reporter
Posted Jan 12, 2013


by Edwin Higginbotham
Posted Nov 25, 2012

Belfry Behavior

by Ross J Finbow

Observations and suggestons for ringing preparation and in-tower conduct

Posted Oct 11, 2012

"Grateful Vicissitude"

by Jeremy Bates

A senior at Middlebury College has written an essay that, among other interesting and debatable things, compares the change-ringing conductor to God.

Posted Sep 12, 2012

St. James Cathedral, Toronto

by Madeleine Cheesman
Posted Jun 15, 2012


by Connie Engle / Jim Loy
Posted Jun 12, 2012

Ringing on the move

by Don Morrison
Posted May 26, 2012

Hingham in the news

by Don Morrison
Posted May 09, 2012

Campanophile temporarily down; launch of BellBoard by Ringing World.

by Lyn Barnett
Posted Jan 16, 2012

Get Automatic Notices of Ringing News

by Dianne Cermak
Posted Dec 27, 2011

Area Report from Victoria Intended for October newsletter

by Margaret Ketchen
Posted Dec 12, 2011

Celery City Doubles

by Rob Kakuk
Posted Dec 10, 2011

Jeff Smith and the Bells of Kalamazoo in Encore Magazine

by Kit Almy
Posted Dec 05, 2011


by Gail Watson
Posted Sep 07, 2011

Univ of Michigan Bell Design class

by Connie Engle
Posted Dec 20, 2010

A Wonderful Week for the Orleans Tower!

by Br. Anthony Kanaga and Sr. Seana Shannon
Posted Sep 25, 2010

Quarter callings of Cornwall Surprise Major

by Don Morrison

Cornwall Surprise Major is being rung at more and more North American towers. Here are some easy quarter peal callings to help encourage this good trend.

Posted Jul 28, 2010

First Full Peal on Orleans Bells!

by Sr. Alicia Mitman
Posted Jul 27, 2010

Orleans Training Update

by Ed Futcher

Intensive training, including first quarter peals for seven locals.

Posted Jul 23, 2010

First Quarter Peal for Orleans

by Br. Matthew Gillis, CJ
Posted Jun 20, 2010

New Photo & Video Feature

by Dianne S P Cermak

New Photo Album feature, uploading capability, and related features described.

Posted Mar 25, 2010

And Some Days It Rains

by Dianne S P Cermak

A rainy ringing day in Boston with photos.

Posted Mar 14, 2010

Shreveport Makes the Ringing World Cover

by Dianne S P Cermak

Here is a PDF of the Ringing World story of the new ring in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Posted Mar 12, 2010

Video Link of One of Shreveport's Youngest Learners

by Scott Stricker

A short video of Andrew Nelson (UK) teaching ten-year-old Catherine to ring at St. Mark's Cathedral in Shreveport, LA.

Posted Feb 15, 2010

Training Funds Give New Tower Firm Foundation

by Lyn Barnett

NAGCR Tutorial Funds helped the new ringers at St. Mark's Cathedral in Shreveport bring Andrew Nelson from the UK for an extended stay to help with training.

Posted Feb 14, 2010

Worcester Cathedral's Teaching Centre for Bellringing

by Mark Regan, Ringing Master, Worcester Cathedral

The Teaching Centre at Worcester Cathedral, which is in England just about halfway between Gloucester and Birmingham, are eager to welcome visitors and to create links with ringers in the USA and Canada. This article explains what is available there, how you might use it, and how to get in touch with the Teaching Centre.

Posted Jan 28, 2010

How is change ringing like duck herding?

by Donald F Morrison

Wired magazine thinks they have much in common:

Posted Jan 22, 2010

World Series of Ringing?

by Laura Dickerson

Ringers with Red Sox trophies.

Posted Jan 11, 2010

Newspaper article on The Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers

by Barbara Sherf

We had a free lance writer, Barbara Sherf, come to St Martin's during the Barbeque Bash weekend and watch us and ask us questions about change-ringing in Philadelphia. We think she did a good job with getting her quotes right. The article was published in the Chestnut Hill Local in September.

Posted Nov 24, 2009

How To (Use Your Website!)

by Dianne S P Cermak

Second in a series of articles about this new website, this feature provides more detailed information about how to post and edit your information as well as to update and comment on postings by others.

Posted Nov 13, 2009

Use Your Website!

by Dianne S P Cermak

First in a series of articles about this new interactive website, this piece provides an overview of the site's purposes and features.

Posted Nov 12, 2009

Ringing out over Cape Cod Bay!

by Sister Alicia Mitman

The ringers of Orleans describe their experiences learning to ring their brand new Whitechapel 10 as a group of more than 35 brand new learners.

Posted Oct 28, 2009

Congratulations to Noah Smith, 15, on conducting his 10th quarter peal

by Rosalie K. Crouch

On Tuesday, October 6th, at Grace Church in Charleston, Noah Smith, age 15, conducted his 10th quarter peal. This is an outstanding achievement for any ringer but to achieve this at the age of 15 surely sets a record for North America.

Posted Oct 09, 2009

Ringing on Cape Cod

by Laura Dickerson

Members of the Boston band have been busily working with the 35 new learners of Orleans MA since mid-August to get them ready for the celebration of their new Whitechapel ring of 10, which took place on September 27th.

Posted Oct 07, 2009

Knitting Change Ringing Methods

by Mira Claire Whiting

A brief discussion of various ways to knit methods.

Posted Sep 22, 2009

Get Automatic Notices of Ringing News

by Dianne Cermak

How to get automatic notices of updates to the site in your email.

Posted Aug 31, 2009

Ringing Training Articles in the Clapper

by Dianne Cermak

Citations for thirty-five years worth of articles about ringing training, composing, and conducting organized by topic.

Posted Aug 27, 2009

An American Ringer in Verona

by Lyn Barnett
It was Pentecost Eve. My fellow traveler—not a ringer but a generous and considerate friend—had arranged a day trip for us to Verona from Venice, where we were having a glorious Italian week pretending to be rich and famous, trying not to think about the inevitable personal consequences of an unfavorable currency exchange rate. In preparation for our adventure I had exchanged a few posts with George Morris in Malvern (UK) and Anna Thomson in Verona, asking permission to watch ringing...
Posted Oct 04, 2008

Improvement and Advancement of Ringing Skills

by Ross Finbow
Much of the process of learning change ringing can only be achieved in practice; one can theorize “until the cows come home” about how to control a bell but all that is of virtually no use until you actually get the chance to do it. Once the basics of handling have been achieved, how should an aspiring ringer make the most of limited opportunities to progress and improve his or her ringing abilities?
Posted Oct 04, 2008

Arthur Nichols and Change Ringing in Boston

by Mira Whiting
A letter sent on May 28th, 1910 by one of the most famous American change ringers of the early twentieth century, Dr. Arthur Nichols gives a fascinating glimpse into some of the history of the bells in Boston and the people who have rung them. Nichols was an important figure in the world of early twentieth century change ringing in the United States, and the New England area in particular.
Posted Oct 04, 2008