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Performance Reports

Week of December 24, 2018

This week, 4 quarters in 4 different methods were reported from 3 locations.

Locations: Washington (2), Orleans, Philadelphia.

Methods: Doubles, Plain Bob Triples, Plain Bob Minor, Stedman Caters.

A new report goes up every Wednesday containing performances through the previous Sunday. To get your performances up as soon as possible, please post them on BellBoard by Wednesday night.

North American Guild
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (St Martin in the Fields)
On Sunday, 23 December 2018 in 37m (4-2-8 in D)
(60 Stedman, 240 each of Winchendon Place, St Nicholas,Reverse Canterbury, Plain Bob and Grandsire)
1Winston Moody
2Eileen Joy Butler
3Alex Meloscia
4Brian Zook
5Bruce N Butler (C)
6Alan Morrison
For Christmas
350th Quarter Peal together on the bells #2 and #5
Last revised on 28 December 2018

North American Guild
Orleans, Massachusetts, USA (Church of the Transfiguration)
On Sunday, 23 December 2018 in 45m (10-3-6 in G)
1Sr Alicia Mitman
2Sr Seana Shannon
3Br John Henderson
4Olivia Tingley
5Alan McDonald
6Lydia Andre
7Br Anthony Kanaga (C)
8Br Joel Sweet
In celebration of Christmas!
Last revised on 31 December 2018

Washington, District of Columbia (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul)
On Tuesday, 25 December 2018 in 46m (9 cwt)
1Paula Fleming
2Katharine S Emmons
3David Schutt
4Quilla Roth
5Frederick DuPuy (C)
6Thomas H Schutt
For Christmas Day.
Last revised on 25 December 2018

Washington, District of Columbia (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul)
On Sunday, 30 December 2018 in 54m (32-0-4 in D)
1Quilla Roth
2Katharine S Emmons
3Lian von Wantoch
4Frederick DuPuy (C)
5Callan Ordoyne
6Robert Bannister
7Robert G Gibson
8Cecily W Rock
9Alexander T Taft III
10Philip Merrill
For Sunday service in Christmastide.
First of Stedman Caters – 5.
Last revised on 30 December 2018