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Performance Reports

Week of March 05, 2018

This week, 6 quarters in 5 different methods were reported from 5 locations.

Locations: New York (2), Northampton, Toronto (The Smoke Ring), Victoria, Washington.

Methods: Grandsire Triples, Plain Bob Minor (2), Stedman Triples, Spliced Surprise Major (4m), Yorkshire Surprise Royal.

A new report goes up every Wednesday containing performances through the previous Sunday. To get your performances up as soon as possible, please post them on BellBoard by Wednesday night.

Victoria, British Columbia (Cathedral Church of Christ)
On Sunday, 25 February 2018 (29 cwt)
1Fiona MacLeod
2Margaret Ketchen
3Susan Benzon
4Faith Magwood
5Madeline Holden
6David Oliver
7Alan Batten (C)
8Peter Bailey
Rung as birthday compliments to Alan Batten (85th), Faith Magwood (80th), and Susan Benzon (70th).
First quarter peal: 1.
Last revised on 10 March 2018

North American Guild
Northampton, Massachusetts (199 Main Street)
On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 in 43m (16)
1-2Leah Sutter Chapman
3-4Alison Stevens
5-6Leland Paul Kusmer (C)
A cozy snow-day quarter.
Last revised on 7 March 2018

North American Guild
Toronto (The Smoke Ring)
On Saturday, 10 March 2018 in 35m (15lb)
1Margaret Miller
2Linda D Rankin
3David A S Hawkins
4David Wilcox
5Michael Hinton
6Paul R Graupner (C)
Last revised on 12 March 2018

Washington, District of Columbia (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul)
On Sunday, 11 March 2018 in 54m (32-0-4 in D)
Andrew Johnson
1Ann G Martin (C)
2Mary Clark
3Lian von Wantoch
4Thomas H Schutt
5Cecily W Rock
6Frederick DuPuy
7Alexander T Taft III
8Carleton MacDonald
For service on Laetare Sunday.
Last revised on 11 March 2018

New York, New York (Trinity Church)
On Sunday, 11 March 2018 (7-3-16 in A)
(480 Cambridge; 320 Superlative, Yorkshire; 160 Bristol; 39 com.)
TJ Barnes
1Jeremy C Bates
2Emily R Russell
3Mark R Gosden
4Tina Hitchings
5Elliot J Hughes
6Gregory F Russell
7Timothy J Barnes (C)
8John Hitchings
First of spliced: 5.
Last revised on 12 March 2018

New York, New York (Trinity Church)
On Sunday, 11 March 2018 in 51m (23-3-17 in D)
1Emily R Russell
2John Hitchings
3Jeremy C Bates
4Elliot J Hughes
5Mark R Gosden
6Tina Hitchings (C)
7Timothy J Barnes
8Gregory F Russell
9Dale A Winter
10Stuart J Barton
Last revised on 13 March 2018