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NAGCR AGM in Victoria

Please see the calendar entry on the website for the invitation and registration form for the 2016 AGM. The locals have planned what I know will be a very successful event in one of North America's most beautiful cities.

Posted Apr 27, 2016 by Bruce N Butler

Question Time at Central Council's Open Meeting

As an innovation this year over the Central Council weekend in Portsmouth there is to be an opportunity to debate some of the current “hot potatoes” in ringing today! Join some of the key commentators on the health of the Exercise. There is a flyer describing "Question Time" session which explains how to join in by being there (need to reserve a place) or by joining in the streaming on the Council’s website. Please do pass this on to all your towers to print and display and encourage your members to join in – possibly even by submitting a question in advance.

This is not an event purely for Council members but for all ringers to join in.

Posted Apr 27, 2016 by Bruce N Butler

Toronto 12 Bell Weekend

Registration is now available online for the Toronto 12 Bell Weekend. Detailed event nformation is posted on the Calendar of Events:

Posted Apr 18, 2016 by Olivia Gamache

Memorial Service for Bob Coughlin

Bob Coughlin's memorlal service will be held at St Martin's on April 9 at 11:00 am. There will be ringing before and after the service. Please do let me know if you are planning on attending and would like to participate in the ringing as well as attending the luncheon after the Service.

Posted Mar 29, 2016 by Bruce N Butler

Tenth Annual Pittsburgh Ringing Course, 29-31 July

The tenth annual Pittsburgh ringing course will be held at Southminster Presbyterian Church, 29-31 July 2016

The course will be aimed at helping students develop the practical skills necessary to make the transition from simple, plain hunt dominated methods to ringing more complicated methods, specifically Stedman and Kent Treble Bob. This is a reprise, for our tenth anniversary, of our first ringing course! It will be focused exclusively on practical skills, with no time spent on theory or learning methods. Further details can be found at

It is likely that most of our ringing over the weekend will be of doubles and minor, though if student preparation and skills allow there may be forays into triples and major.

If you are interested in being a student on this course please send email to Don Morrison <> as soon as practical, but certainly before mid-April.

Posted Mar 17, 2016 by Don Morrison

Update added May 18, 2016 by Don Morrison

The course is now full (or, really, a little over :-). If you'd like to be added to a waiting list if folks cancel, please send mail to Don Morrison <>.

Last Call for the Seven Towers Festival

This year's Seven Towers festival will be held on 1st through 3rd April at St James Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX. If you are planning to come, the deadline for registrations is now Friday 18th March. Hope to see you there!

Posted Mar 11, 2016 by Linda Rankin

Updated Website

The updated website for the ringers at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, B.C. went live yesterday. The address remains the same:

Posted Feb 26, 2016 by Margaret Ketchen

Trinity/Tony article

Posted Feb 12, 2016 by Laura Dickerson

Seven Towers Festival

The 2016 Seven Towers festival will be held in Dallas, Texas at St James Episcopal Church. On Thursday, March 31st an ITTS Module 1 course will be held. General Festival ringing begins at 9 am on Friday, April 1st and runs through Sunday, April 3rd. The festival includes a striking competition between towers in the region and a festival dinner. There will also be opportunities for quarter peal attempts during the festival. Hope to see you there!

Posted Feb 02, 2016 by Linda Rankin

2016 Ringing Course and Annual General Meeting

The Guild of Ringers of Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, B.C. is looking forward to welcoming as many of you as can come to the NAG Annual Meeting on September 17th and 18th.

We have the enthusiastic support of the Cathedral authorities for this event, which will be preceded by a ringing course. We plan to reserve time for a peal, as well as for quarter peals.

Our plans are still in the very early stages, but we will provide more information in the April issue of The Clapper.

Our website is currently being updated.

Posted Jan 15, 2016 by Margaret Ketchen

St James, Marietta, Georgia, 20th Anniversary Weekend

St James, Marietta, welcomes you to their 20th Anniversary Weekend in celebration of 2 decades of tower bell change ringing in Georgia: March 11–13, 2016

Friday, March 11: Welcome and General Ringing 6:30- 8:30 pm. Dinner on your own

Saturday, March 12: General Ringing 9:30 am – 5pm. Lunch and snacks provided by St. James. Dutch-treat dinner 6 pm

Sunday, March 13: Service Ringing, Reception in the Parish Hall following 10:30 Service, General Ringing at noon, Peal attempt (tentative) 1:30

Please RSVP by March 1, 2016, to Mary Platt

Posted Jan 13, 2016 by Mary Platt

Bob Coughlin

It is with great sadness that I report that Bob Coughlin passed away this morning, January 7, 2016. Bob was instrumental in getting the bells at St Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia, installed in 1980. He had been a member of NAGCR since 1977 and was elected to the Honor Roll in 1993. Unfortunately, due to health issues Bob has not rung in several years, but remained a keen supporter of the NAG and of ringing, especially at St Martin's, Philadelphia.

Posted Jan 07, 2016 by Bruce N Butler

Passing of member Tom Watson

It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of Tom Watson of Sewanee.

The Rev’d Ray Gotko of Sewanee reports that Tom died on Sunday, December 27, of complications following a fall at home.

Tom was a ringer at Sewanee (University of the South); a valued long time significant member of the university, and the community. Tom was intimately involved in the acquisition of Sewanee’s ring of 8 in 2004.

He is survived by his wife Gail who is also a NAGCR member and ringer at Sewanee.

Tom had been a member of the NAGCR since 2005.

Funeral services will be held on January 16 at All Saint's Chapel at the University of the South.

Posted Dec 28, 2015 by A Thomas Miller

Cancelled - December Area Meeting Frederick

Posted Dec 11, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

An important survey

A remarkable facet of the ringing community is that it has long had a weekly, printed magazine devoted to it. I can think of no other activity with a comparably small community that supports such a thing. And over the decades The Ringing World has undoubtedly played a major role in fashioning ringing into what it is. Unsurprisingly, financing such a thing has always been difficult, and has become many times more so in recent years with the rise of electronic publications, which is affecting all print publications.

To better help them plan for the future The Ringing World has asked folks to complete a survey, which is available on-line, or in a form to be printed and mailed back, if you prefer. They would very much like not just current subscribers but also non-subscribers to complete this survey. I encourage as many North American ringers as possible to complete this survey. Ringing in North America is obviously somewhat different than in the UK, both because of geography and because it is growing significantly here, and it would be useful to help the institutions supporting ringing better understand the needs here as well as in the UK.

Further information can be found on the Ringing World's home page.

Posted Dec 07, 2015 by Don Morrison

Rochester in the news

Rochester in the news.

Posted Nov 23, 2015 by Don Morrison

2016 AGM-Victoria, BC

I am thrilled to announce that the 2016 AGM will be held in Vctoria, BC over the weekend of September 15-18. More details to follow.

Posted Nov 20, 2015 by Bruce N Butler



President: Bruce Butler

Treasurer: Robert Aldinger

Membership Secretary: Thomas Miller

Peal Secretary: Frederick DuPuy

Education Officer: Ann Martin

Public Relations Officer: Anthony Furnivall

Newsletter Editor: Diane Amison-Loring

As all the positions were uncontested, there is no requirement for elections.

Posted Nov 10, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Quarter Peal Weekend

Quarter Peal Weekend in Philadelphia, January 15-18, 2016

Warwick Raddison Blu - A fantastice TravelZoo deal for those who may want to stay a half block from St Mark's. The price is fabulous for downtown Philly. But it won't last long so make your plans now!


Posted Nov 06, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Ringing World Diaries and Calendar - 2016

Ringing World Diaries and Calendar for 2016

If you wish please send an email to me with your order details.

To obtain a 2016 Ringing World Diary please send a check in US or CDN funds payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard – USD $12.50 or CDN $16.00

Standard with Pencil in spine – USD $13.50 or CDN $17.00

Leather – USD $22.00 or CDN $28.00



Quantity/Which kind?

Ringing World Calendar 2016

The 2016 calendar is produced in partnership with the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers.

To obtain a 2016 Ringing World Calendar please send a check for $12.50 in US or CDN $16.00 funds payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler

829 North 25th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130




Add USD $2.50- or CDN $3.00 for each item if you wish airmail (not really necessary at this time – November)

Total Amount Enclosed $

Posted Nov 04, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Mini Ring ringing in Montreal

The Smoke Ring, the Toronto mini ring is now in its winter quarters in the Chapter House at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal, through the kind permission of Michael Hinton, and Dean Paul Kennington. Ringing practice is Thursday 5:00-7:00pm. Contact Paul Kennington at : If further information is needed.

Posted Oct 17, 2015 by Madeleine Cheesman

Kalamazoo Ringing Weekend

Kalamazoo's fall Ringing Weekend is November 13 - 15. Do consider joining us for a weekend of ringing, from Rounds and Call Changes to Surprise Major. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Posted Oct 13, 2015 by Robert T Kakuk

VTS Chapel Consecration and Bell Dedication

As previously announced (The Clapper, Jan. 2015), the consecration of the new Immanuel Chapel at the Virginia Theological Seminary is scheduled for Tues., Oct. 13, 2015. VTS has recently announced that dedication of the ring of eight bells (installed Nov. 2014) will occur on the same date. Since the chapel consecration will be a major event in the life of the seminary, there is quite a full schedule of events planned throughout the day, and very many participants and visitors are expected to be in attendance. Since the bell dedication will be just one small part of the day’s events, it isn’t yet clear what role there will be for bell ringing or bell ringers. Nevertheless, this is to inform the NAGCR community of plans such as they are known at present.

Links to the seminary’s consecration event are via . The chapel consecration service will take place in the morning. The bell dedication will be held in conjunction with a 4:00 pm Evensong service. Seating in the chapel will be very limited; according to VTS, Evensong seats can be requested by the general public starting Sept. 10 via the web site. No details are yet available from the VTS administration regarding specific order of service, times, places, etc. for the bell dedication itself, including how it can best be experienced by those without a ticket for chapel seating.

I am hopeful but not yet certain that there will be bell ringing at VTS on the day. We have been in contact with the administration but we don’t yet know what or how much ringing might take place. Due to both the very full liturgical schedule and the incomplete sound control installation in the tower, it is highly unlikely that there will be a peal attempt. I am sorry that I don’t know more about plans at this time. If you do wish to make plans to attend the event, you are welcome to give notice via <bell-tower-contact at vts dot edu> so we will know to expect you. When we have more information about the day’s schedule, the bell dedication, and what, if any, opportunities for bell ringing exist, I can provide an update in order to assist anyone who might be considering travel to Alexandria for the day.

-Rob Gibson, Ringing Master / Tower Captain, VTS Guild

Posted Sep 07, 2015 by Rob Gibson

Update added Sep 29, 2015 by Robert G Gibson

The most recent information from VTS is that there will be an opportunity for ringing after the Evensong, but that there will not be ringing associated with the morning consecration service.

Update added Oct 07, 2015 by Robert G Gibson

There will a brief period of ringing at the beginning of the Evensong and more after the service and address are finished. A quarter peal attempt will immediately follow Evensong. Following the quarter, there will be an opportunity for open service ringing for visiting ringers who would like to join in. Info about the service is via the VTS link above. If more info is needed about ringing logistics, email me directly or via the contact address above.

Update added Oct 12, 2015 by Robert G Gibson

VTS has announced that there will be live streaming of both the morning chapel consecration service and the 4pm Evensong (which includes the consecration of the bells). Via the web page cited above.

TV report on Rochester

Here's a nice TV report on the installation of the new 10 in Rochester, New York. Good footage of swinging bells, a quote from the Guild's own Chris Haller, and clips of Whitechapel bell hanger Neil Thomas. Good publicity for ringing--congratulations to all!

Posted Sep 04, 2015 by Jeremy Bates

12 Bell Ringing in New York

Just a reminder that the Mid-Atlantic September Area meeting will be held at Trinity, Wall Street on Saturday, September 12 from 10:30-4:30. Please respond to Tina Hitchings as she is trying to get an idea of how many will be at lunch.

Posted Sep 02, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

AGM Registration deadline, Alan Hughes Bell Maintenance course

Lindsey Hutt-Fletcher has asked me to remind you that registrations for the 2015 AGM in Shreveport are due September 1st. Registrations submitted after that date will be subject to a $10 late fee. We hope very much to see you down south, and need your registration in order to complete our plans for scheduling ringing, the ringing course, meals and frivolity. Please mail or email your registration by September 1 and avoid the late fee.

As an added bonus, Alan Hughes from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London will be offering a bell maintenance course on Friday afternoon, October 2nd. A second session will be offered for those not able to attend the first one. Anyone interested in the course please email

Posted Aug 26, 2015 by Candace Higginbotham

Death of Bill Crouch

Ringing friends around the world are greatly saddened by the passing of Dr. William E. Crouch III of Charleston, SC (husband of Dr. Rosalie Crouch, NAGCR Treasurer 2007-2010). Bill and Rosalie were among the earliest enthusiasts of change ringing in Charleston; they subsequently traveled widely to ring and to assist with the teaching of ringing, and became legendary hosts to ringers from far and near.

Rosalie and Bill were the founders of the biennial Ring Around Charleston, one of the most popular and broadly attended ringing events in North America.

A service is tentatively planned for Friday afternoon, August 21, in Charleston. Details will be posted here as available.

Posted Aug 18, 2015 by Lyn Barnett

Update added Aug 18, 2015 by Don Morrison

The funeral at Grace Church on Friday (August 21) will be at 3:00 p.m. A reception will follow in Hanahan Hall.

Update added Aug 19, 2015 by Lyn Barnett

Memorials may be made to Grace Episcopal Church Bell Fund, 98 Wentworth Street Charleston, SC 29401 or Pet Helpers,1447 Folly Road James Island, SC 29412. A memorial message may be sent to the family at


ROCHESTER'S BELLS: The truck arrived at 9 AM; the container was lifted off and the door opened. We were thrilled to see "Julian", bell #7, as well as some great big wheels and I-beam ends, right there in front of us. Unloading will start Monday, and installation will then begin.

Posted Aug 06, 2015 by Helen D Haller

Update added Aug 14, 2015 by Robert Crystal

I have been told that the hoots, hollers and hallelujahs were heard as far as Toronto and Brewster.

Chris Mew- President of the Central Council - his July message

Central Council's (Chris Mew)President’s Blog – July 2015

The sharp eyed will have noticed no blog for June, this was to ensure all the important happenings were rolled into one round–up.

The May Council meeting has already been well reported in the Ringing World issue of June 15th. The key departure from normal was the break-out sessions enabling representatives to discuss their local problems and successes and ways in which co-operation can face the challenge of future ringing. I would encourage ALL CC REPS to engage with their respective societies and feedback their views.

There was a marvellous response to the appeal for ringing to celebrate Magna carta 800th Anniversary which seemed to catch the imagination of ringers worldwide. There was a predictably smaller celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. In the autumn there will be yet another anniversary, 600 years since Agincourt.

The national 12-bell competition gave Norwich its second grand event of the year, following on from the 300th First Peal Anniversary in May. Congratulations to ASCY in wresting the trophy from the 5-times winners Birmingham, will there be yet another change of victor next year at Aston?

Just two weeks later, the Ringing World National Youth Competition in Oxford proved once again that there are young people taking up and being passionate about ringing. The enthusiasm was infectious and the Bedfordshire team were again triumphant. It was interesting that a few of those taking part had been in all five years of the competition, no doubt starting at around 13.

All of the good summer events do not hide the fact that there is the continuing debate and work on recruitment and training of new ringers in an ever busier world. Much work is done behind the scenes by Council members and I would ask all members of Committees to redouble efforts to support their respective Chairmen.

Finally, the Church of England has in the past week agreed new guidance for Safer Recruitment of workers and volunteers. Whilst there are no fundamental changes in requirements for ringers there will be an update published shortly.

Many of you will be disappearing on holiday and I hope that you and your families will come back refreshed to serve ringing where you are.

Chris Mew, President CCCBR

Any comments and queries are always welcome at .uk

Posted Aug 05, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Make your Hotel reservations early for the 2015 AGM

Make your Hotel reservations early for the 2015 AGM - The AGM is occurring on the same weekend as the regional Red River Revel Arts festival begins on the Shreveport Riverfront. Hotels will fill up quickly. Especially if you wish to stay at a downtown hotel, it is recommended to make reservations early to ensure room availability and the best rate.


A. Hotel nearest to St. Mark’s Cathedral ~ 4 blocks

Sleep Inn & Suites Medical ~ $90/night

3215 Samford

Shreveport, LA 71103


Hotels south of St. Mark’s Cathedral

Wyndham Garden Hotel ~$90/night Holiday Inn Express Park Plaza ~$115/night

1419 E 70th Street 8751 Park Plaza Blvd

Shreveport, LA 71105 Shreveport, LA 71105

318-797-9900 318-629-0163

Hampton Inn ~ $90/night

8340 Millicent Way

Shreveport, LA 71115


B. Downtown Shreveport Hotels*: Casino Hotels in Downtown Shreveport*

Holiday Inn ~$90/night El Dorado Resort ~$150/night

102 Lake Street ` 451 Clyde Fant Parkway

Shreveport, La 71101 Shreveport, LA 71101

318-222-7717 318-220-0711

Best Western Chateau Suites ~$80/night Sam’s Town Casino ~ variable/Call for rates

201 Lake Street 315 Clyde Fant Parkway

Shreveport, LA 71101 Shreveport, LA 71101

318-222-7620 318-424-7777

Hilton Shreveport ~$130/night

104 Market Street

Shreveport, LA 71101


This website is very helpful:

Posted Jul 28, 2015 by Candace Higginbotham

Hendersonville Accommodations

Hendersonville Accommodations. Greetings all, this provides some specific ideas on places to stay for the Ringing Weekend of 19-23 August.

We've had slow reponses from local hosts concerning good rates at the local facilities for our ringing weekend. In any case for any place you contact I suggest identifying that you are coming for a Tower Bell Ringing Weekend at St. James and ask if any special rates could be used. In addition to those mentioned below this site provides many more options:

The Waverly is right across the street and has been used with good recommendations from many. These rates don't compare with what we have received in the past, but are still a reduction.

For the Queen Rooms we can offer our corporate rate of $124 for Thursday and Sunday and $149 for Friday and Saturday. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thanks.

With hospitality in mind, Deborah Postlethwait, Assistant Innkeeper, 1898 Waverly Inn

783 N. Main St., Hendersonville, NC 28792, 828-693-9193

What used to be "The Claddagh," also right across from the church, is under new ownership and has been renamed "The Charleston Inn." They seem to still be deciding how to handle corporate or event rates, so we don't yet have anything. To find them still search for "The Claddagh."

About four miles from the church is "Echo Mountain Inn" with quite a variety of rooms, in a lovely, peaceful setting in Laurel Park. 888-324-6466, 828-693-9626,

About five miles from the church we've had many favorable comments about:

Mountain Inn & Suites

755 Upward Rd

Flat Rock, NC 28731

Posted Jul 25, 2015 by Robert Aldinger

About photographs

Please will all people taking photos for the Clapper use good lighting? There were some wonderful photos I couldn't use for this issue (July 2015) simply because they were too dark.

If you need to use a flash, don't be afraid to do it.


Posted Jul 21, 2015 by Diane M Amison-Loring


Registration update for the 2015 AGM at St. Mark's Cathedral in Shreveport, Louisiana - More

Posted Jul 19, 2015 by Candace Higginbotham

University Ringing Website

Recently, the Central Council's Public Relations Committee had the remit to establish a website for university ringing. While this was intended to provide information to potential UK students about ringing opportunities there, Jeremy Bates inquired to me about including North American universities. As a member of the CCCBR PRC, I was able to share this and the results can be seen at

Posted Jul 14, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Hendersonville Extended Weekend Aug 20 to 23

Anniversary Celebration Hendersonville Bells Extended Weekend Thursday, August 20 to Sunday, August 23, 2015

All are invited to join an extended weekend of ringing, Thursday thru Sunday, August 20-23 to celebrate 37-years with tower bells at St. James Episcopal Church Hendersonville. With us hosting the 2013 AGM, and two AGMs in August and early September, its four years since we hosted this event.

We'll probably start out with a Wednesday evening practice to give those in town a start. Thursday thru Sunday will include ringing with focus sessions depending on the ringing level and support level of those participating. Hopefully, we can provide a challenge and/or opportunity for improvement for all. We'll look at scheduling a couple of quarter peals each day. With the expectation that participants are past the basic handling stage, we'll work in opportunities for ringing at as many levels as the participants support, and try to give everyone a fair share of the time.

Costs to cover expenses will be $10 for Thursday/Friday, and $15 for Saturday and Sunday (including afternoon on ringing on Friday). Pay the registration upon arrival. Limited accommodations will be available with local ringers, so let us know if your participation may depend on being able to stay with someone.

Please let us know if you plan to attend, which days you would be with us, what you would like to ring, and your interest in conducting or participating in quarter peals. So, with some indication of how likely that you will attend (e. g. For sure, very likely, interested but uncertain, etc.) please e-mail <>

With sound control we have pretty much unlimited opportunities to ring through the weekend.

We'll have lunch at the church Thursday and/or Friday, in-town no-host supper/libations after ringing, full days of ringing Thursday through Saturday, Saturday evening social at Shirley and Don Johns home, and service ringing Sunday followed by ringing Sunday afternoon as availability of ringers supports. .

The Hendersonville area became a summer retreat starting in 1827, so joining us would make you part of a long time tradition of wise visitors. Numerous opportunities exist to enjoy the area by extending your time beyond the weekend.

This website provides information and multiple links for lodging, tours, etc., etc.:


Posted Jul 07, 2015 by Robert Aldinger

MN Handbell Weekend: July 24-26

Handbell ringers--experienced or aspiring--are invited to the Minneapolis/St. Paul handbell weekend, July 24-26. Ringing will start on Friday afternoon and go through Sunday afternoon, with general ringing as well as quarter-peals and peals, depending on what people would like to work on. The MN ringers can provide some accommodations, and there will likely be some convivial meals. Please contact Kris Fowler or Stuart McKernan for more information or to let us know you're interested in joining us.

Posted Jun 20, 2015 by Kris Fowler

Chris Mew- President of the Central Council - his March message

Please see The Central Council President's message at

Posted Apr 08, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

The Future of the Ringing World

The future of the Ringing World has been discussed recently. Please read the article linked below for your information and share your thoughts.

Please see:

Posted Apr 08, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Episcopal Cafe asks about bells

Website asks about bells: Episcopal Cafe has posted about an NYT article on Riverside Church's carillonneur. The Cafe also asks, "Are bells an important part of your worship?"

Posted Mar 23, 2015 by Jeremy Bates

Consultation on Methods, Peals and Calls

Consultation on Methods, Peals and Calls

You may be aware that at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Central Council, the Methods Committee was asked to begin a consultation process on the CC Decisions concerning Peal Ringing, Methods and Calls. They have prepared a consultation paper * seeking input on the principles and fundamental requirements of the Decisions, in particular:

  1. The purposes and objectives of the Decisions
  2. The prescriptive language that appears in the current Decisions

They welcome views from all ringers and suggestions for changes via email to .uk Please do encourage any of your society's members to join the debate if they are interested.

* This is a 17 page PDF document entitled Review of the CC Decisions

Posted Mar 07, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Update added Mar 10, 2015 by Don Morrison

I would like to join with Bruce in encouraging anyone with an interest such matters to send your comments to the CCCBR Methods Committee promptly. They are planning to present what they have gathered to the CCCBR Administrative Committee on March 21, so there isn't much time to get your comments in to them.

Philip Earis forwarded my comments on this matter to the ringing-theory mailing list, where it seems to have generated considerable interest. If you are interested in seeing these, too, they are at


The Clapper - January 2015 is now available on -line

The January 2015 Clapper is now available on-line.

Posted Feb 25, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

2015 Pittsburgh Ringing Course, 31 July to 2 August.

The ninth annual Pittsburgh ringing course will be held at Southminster Presbyterian Church, 31 July - 2 August 2015.

The course will be aimed at helping students develop the practical skills necessary to make the transition from simpler methods to ringing surprise. It will be focused exclusively on practical skills, with no time spent on theory or learning methods. Students will be expected to arrive having thoroughly learned the methods they will be ringing. Students should work their way through the study material, in the document cited below, in the months leading up to the course.

It is likely that most of our ringing over the weekend will be of minor, though if student preparation and skills allow there may be forays into major.

The course will only be of use to those who are secure when ringing extended touches of simple methods on six bells. As a baseline students are expected to have rung at least five quarter peals on an inside bell in tower, including at least one in a method other than Plain Bob or Grandsire (e.g. Kent, St Simon’s, Stedman).

The course will be limited to at most six students.

For further details see:

Posted Feb 25, 2015 by Don Morrison

Update added Apr 07, 2015 by Don Morrison

This course is now fully subscribed. However if anyone would like to be added to a waiting list for use in case anyone has to drop out, please send email to Don Morrison <>.

Spring Dinner Weekend - March 20-22

It still may be winter, but it is time to think Spring and the annual Philly weekend. We hope that many of you will be joining us. For more information, please call or email Eileen at 215-765-8736 or

The registration form can be found on the website calendar.

Posted Feb 18, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

February blog of the Central Council President

The Central Council President's February blog can be read at

Posted Feb 16, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Save The Date: Ring Around Charleston 2016

Ring Around Charleston: February 26-28, 2016

Mark your calendars and book your airfares early. Enjoy the beautiful charm of Charleston, excellent food (southern, fresh seafood, and more), beaches, and ringing at four towers !

For your travel planning:

Quarter peal opportunities will start Friday morning (February 26) and run through Sunday afternoon (February 28)

General ringing sessions will start Friday mid-afternoon (February 26) and run through Sunday afternoon (February 28).

Sunday service ringing will be at St. Michaels, Grace, and The Cathedral Churches on Sunday February 28 (due to Lent, no service ringing at Stella Maris)

Registration is now open; visit this site for hotel information:

If you are interested in conducting, please contact Rosalie Crouch at

Posted Feb 06, 2015 by Kit Matthew

Update added Jun 14, 2015 by Kathryn (Kit) Matthew

Note the registration website with hotel and other information is now live:

New Schedule/Venue for Feb 14th Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting

The schedule for the February 14th Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting has changed slightly. Instead of starting at 11am and being at Washington Cathedral all day, we'll now start at 10am in Frederick, MD, then ring at the Cathedral in the afternoon, 2 - 4pm.

Here's the new schedule which is also on the NAG Calendar as "Mid-Atlantic Area Meeting [Updated!]."

10am - Noon: Ringing in Frederick MD, with a focus on Surprise Major. The plan is to start with Cambridge and Yorkshire, then possibly continue with Superlative and/or Pudsey.

Noon - 2pm: Lunch on your own and travel to the Cathedral

2:00 - 4:00PM: Ringing at the Cathedral

Enter the Cathedral via the entrance at the top of the wheelchair ramp (NOT through the main public entrance). As visiting ringers, you do no have to pay the usual admission charge. Access to the tower will be via the elevator in the South Transept of the Cathedral (NOT via the West End elevator). The Tower phone number is 202-537-8986 if you need directions once you're at the Catehdral.

For more information, contact Quilla Roth at <> or 202-244-1658.

RSVPs would be appreciated if you are planning on coming

Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Quilla Roth

2014 Member List

Just posted (9 Jan) is a member list containing member information as each member’s status was at the close of 2014. It's accessible to members only and is the same member information that will appear in the forthcoming Annual Report for 2014. It can be found in Guild Documents under the heading Member Lists. Scroll to the bottom of guild documents to find it.

Posted Jan 09, 2015 by A Thomas Miller

Grant Opportunity - Fred E Dukes International Bell fund

There is still time left to submit an application for the

Fred E Dukes International Bell Fund

This is a capital fund which makes grants from the interest earned, so grants are usually small. Grants are paid only for work carried out by the main UK bell founders on bell restoration projects in countries outside the UK and Ireland. For details of the allocation criteria and administration procedures please seeguidance for applicants, and the application form.

Applications for grants are invited each year in November or December by a notice in The Ringing World, notifications to ringing organisations outside the British Isles and on this website. Applications for the annual allocation of grant awards must be received by the following 31 January.

Posted Jan 04, 2015 by Bruce N Butler

Ballot Results


96 ballots were properly qualified and counted, and the results were as follows:

Motion 1: Yes - 90 + 1; No - 4; Abstain - 2

Motion 2: Yes - 92 + 1; No - 3; Abstain - 1

Motion 3: Yes - 55 + 1; No - 37; Abstain - 4


8 envelopes were received which had no signatures on the outside – 2 of these
contained two ballots (10 total voters). None of these ballots were included
in the official count.

1 properly prepared ballot envelope was received from a name not found on the list
of eligible voters provided by the Membership Secretary. This ballot was not

An envelope was received containing two ballots, with 2 signatures on the outside
– however, 1 signature was included in the return address and qualified on
the eligible voter list, but the other signature could not be matched on the
eligible voter list, and that name was not included in the return address.
Since it was impossible to determine the identity of the writer of the 2nd
ballot, both were disqualified. On further inspection and since both ballots
were voted exactly the same, a “+ 1" was noted for each question
representing the technically eligible voter.

Posted Dec 31, 2014 by Madeleine Cheesman

Annual Quarter Peal Weekend in Philadelphia


I am planning another quarter peal weekend for January 16-19, which is the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. This will be the 22nd Quarter Peal Weekend! We will be able to ring at both Philadelphia towers. The idea is to give ringers an opportunity to ring/conduct methods and to achieve goals that may not be possible in their own tower/handbell groups. The methods to be rung, therefore, cover a wide range. Bands will be organized in such a way as to accommodate requests and to predict success without jeopardizing striking. In order to meet this objective, please bear this in mind when listing your preferences for choice of method or attempt at conducting. To help the less experienced ringers, I will be asking you to participate in other quarters.

Please share this with members of your band, copy as necessary, and fill in the form below and return by January 8 if you are interested. Completed forms should be returned to Bruce Butler, 829 N. 25th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130 or sent via email to: . We can also be reached by telephone at 215-765-8736.

I look forward to your reply and another successful event.

Bruce Butler

Name _________________ Telephone ________________ E-mail _______________

Arrival: Day &Time___________________________

Departure: Day &Time_________________________

Methods I would like to ring (Be specific i.e. P. Bob Major, London Minor, Grandsire Doubles and if in tower or hand)


Methods I would like to conduct (Be specific i.e. P. Bob Major, London Minor, Grandsire Doubles and if in tower or hand)


Maximum number of quarters I am willing to participate in:

Per Day _____ Over Weekend ________

Other suggestions or comments ___________________________________________

There will be a minimal charge for the weekend festivities that will cover refreshments over the weekend and the traditional evening meal, including beer and wine, on Saturday ($10-$15)

Posted Oct 27, 2014 by Bruce N Butler

2015 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

2015 Ringing World Diaries and Calendars

Once again the Guild's Book Service will be ordering Ringing World Diaries and Calendars for members. Please take advantage of this service. You may email me your order and then put a check in the mail. (Unfortunately, PayPal is still not yet an option)

The Ringing World Diary 2015 contains quick reference pages for methods, touches, quarters and contacts.

This year's calendar features towers from Beverley and District, England.

Please see the details posted below for ordering information.

Cheers, Bruce

Ringing World Diary 2015 and/or Ringing World Calendar 2015

To obtain a 2015 Ringing World Diary and/or Calendar please send a check in US or CDN funds payable to NAGCR Book Service to:

Bruce Butler 829 North 25th Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

Standard Diary – USD or CDN $12.50

Standard Diary with Pencil in spine – USD or CDN $13.25

Leather Diary – USD or CDN $22.00

Calendar - USD or CDN $12.50




Add USD $2.50 - CDN $2.50 for each item if you wish airmail (not really necessary at this time – October)

Total Amount Enclosed $

Posted Oct 03, 2014 by Bruce N Butler