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Bells’ Birthday Barbeque Bash

June 8–9, 2019

Bells' Birthday Barbeque Bash in Philadelphia

On Saturday, June 8, 2019, the Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers will celebrate the 39th Anniversary of the installation of the St Martin’s bells and the 20th birthday of the restoration of St Mark’s bells.

Please join the Philadelphia Guild at its annual Bells’ Birthday Barbeque Bash! Ringing will be at St Martin’s in Chestnut Hill and possibly at St Mark's for quarter peals. There will be Service Ringing at both towers on Sunday.

There is no charge for this event which is filled with fun, food and ringing! No registration forms to complete, just let us know when and how many will be coming so we know how much food and beer to get!

RSVP by June 1, please, to: Eileen Butler: 215-765-8736 or .

Contact: Eileen Butler