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Pittsburgh Ringing Course

Southminster Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

August 11–13, 2017

The course will be aimed at helping students develop the practical skills necessary for students already able to ring simple, treble dominated methods on eight and slightly more complicated things on six, to progress to more complicated things on eight such as Stedman Triples and Surprise Major. The primary tools we will use will be ringing Stedman Triples and Cornwall Surprise Major. The course will be focused exclusively on practical skills, with no time spent on theory or learning methods. Students will be expected to arrive having thoroughly learned, on paper, the methods they will be ringing. Further information, including a list of things to learn is at <>.

The course will only be of use to those who are secure when ringing extended touches of Plain Bob Triples or Major, or Grandsire Triples, as well as slightly more complicated things on six, such as Stedman Doubles or Treble Bob Minor. As a baseline students are expected to have rung at least one quarter peal on an inside bell in tower to a Triples or Major method, and at least one quarter peal on an inside bell to a method other than Plain Bob or Grandsire (this latter can be doubles or minor, however).

The course will be limited to six students. If you are interested in joining it as a student please contact Don Morrison <>.

Contact: Don Morrison