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Vernal Equinox Weekend

March 16–18, 2012

The Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers

requests your presence in Philadelphia for their annual celebration of the


Friday, Saturday and Sunday 16 -18 March, 2012

SCHEDULE (to be confirmed)


6:30-8:00pm General Ringing (St Mark’s)


9arn-4pm Tower and Handbell Ringing

4pm-5pm Quarter Peal for Service

5pm Evensong

5:30pm Reception

6:30pm Dinner

8-10:30pm Contradancing (soft-soled, low-heeled shoes recommended)

Sunday Service Ringing

Followed by Quarter Peals and/or General Ringing

REGISTRATION FORM Deadline: 9 March 2012

Name(s): _____________________________ Address: _____________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Email: _______________________________

Do you need accommodation? _______

Friday _____ Saturday ______

Prefer a Vegetarian meal? _

Day of arrival_____ Approximate time _____

Day of departure _____ Approximate time _____

Cost is $35 per person, payable to:

Philadelphia Guild of Change Ringers

Total amount enclosed: $ ______

Please send completed form and check to: Eileen Butler, 829 N 25thSt, Philadelphia, PA 19130 Phone215-765-8736 E-Mail:

Contact: Eileen Butler

Download as: DOC

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