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Jan 16—1260 Grandsire Triples, Philadelphia
Jan 16—1251 Stedman Triples, Philadelphia
Jan 16—1320 Plain Bob Minor, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1260 Stedman Doubles, Washington
Jan 15—1250 Spliced Surprise Major, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1259 Plain Bob Minor, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1260 Doubles, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1269 Cambridge Surprise Minor, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1269 Doubles, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1260 Grandsire Doubles, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1280 Plain Bob Major, Philadelphia
Jan 15—1260 Grandsire Triples, Alexandria

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Jan 18—Abilene in the news! Bruce N Butler

Jan 11—Ballot Results More...

UPDATE: Only 60 ballots received? Shameful.

Jan 04—Quarter Peal Weekend January 13-16 in Philadelphia: We ring from Friday evening until Monday afternoon quarter peals at both Philly towers. Please see the calendar listing. There is a More...

Dec 09—I copy edit for a blogger. He posted this on his blog yesterday. If you don't know this, here is what he wrote. My blogger is not a bell ringer More...

Dec 06—Six years ago Tony Parry, the creator of Campanophile, kindly added a special form to the site for entering North American peals and quarters. That was originally used to ensure More...

UPDATE: Campanophile is shutting down, and as of yesterday stopped accepting submissions, so Bellboard is now...

Nov 13—Nashotah House, an Episcopal seminary in Wisconsin, will break ground for a new bell tower on Nov. 16. The House has made the following announcement: More...


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