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NAG Peals Database

by Edward J Futcher

Several years ago the NAG peal database was moved into MS Access. In the past several years however this has not been maintained. I've spent some time migrating it to Excel and updating it to the end of 2018. So far I have not spent much time reviewing the result for correctness. Below are links to the pdf files, which we hope will form the basis of producing more NAG (hardcopy) peal books as well as making it easier for future NAG peal Secretaries to update.

I am sure there are errors, so please check them out and let me know of disconnects via email.

Ed Futcher

Update 4/2/19

Here are links to the spreadsheet, and also to a formatted printout of the peals. This printout is similar in format to the current peal book. It still needs a lot of checking which I am starting to work on. If you find errors please let me know.

Excel file :!AtFjCnu8zzePoIdzQLBB9cMDC2ADCw

pdf file:!AtFjCnu8zzePoIhYWAqAeFypq9soTA

Posted Feb 16, 2019


Edward J FutcherMar 23 2019, 10:32 pm

A new update to this will be published in April addressing all of the errors in the original version, and the Q1 peals.

Edward J FutcherAug 31 2019, 1:34 pm

Updates are available here!AtFjCnu8zzePoflfWrKCxHoxTX4rmw?e=JSzE9A

Edward J FutcherSep 01 2019, 10:28 am

David Wilcox has found a few errors in the peal numbering (thanks). I'll update the files soon, and if you have a chance to check this against your own records please do so.

Edward J FutcherSep 14 2019, 2:24 pm

Here's version 2.9 with input from David Wilcox and David Hawkins, as well as some of my own updates.!AtFjCnu8zzePofxYCKHf5JPpsQHSkg?e=Wcg0EA

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