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World Series of Ringing?

by Laura Dickerson

Not really. Ringing was requested for an November event at Old North to honor some of the big donors. It was early on a Friday evening, a difficult time for most ringers to make it into town, but we managed to have four people. As we were leaving at the end, the vicar's wife called us in to have our pictures taken, accompanied by the Red Sox World Series trophies. One of the parishioners took the photo using Ricky's phone, but I don't know his name so can't give him credit as the photographer .

Larry Lucchino on behalf of the Red Sox was awarded the Third Lantern award by the Old North, in recognition of the financial support received from the Red Sox foundation, so I suppose the trophies were there as as honored guests. We weren't given any explanation - just told to hold the trophies (carefully) and smile, so we did.

Left to right: Ricky Morse, Rosalie Nesbit, Laura Dickerson, Danielle Morse

Posted Jan 11, 2010


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